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Welcome to South Africa under the rule of the ANC where money is lacking for municipal infrastructure, where half the sewerage plants are not working properly and our poo, ARV’s and 35 other chemicals are in our drinking water. However, the ruling party has no problem spending half a million rand in putting up Des van Rooyen and his family in a hotel: 131 on Herbert Baker‚ in Pretoria.

To vote for the ANC is to give the ruling party the pin to your credit card.

Living large and luxuriously at taxpayer’s expense is the way of life at the summit of the ANC pyramid. According to The Mail and Guardian, the Department of Public Works justified the expense by saying there was no official state-owned residence available when he was appointed as a minister. What many workers would take ten years to earn was frittered away on Des van Rooyen in jus a few months.

So what happened to Nene’s government allocated residence? Who moved in there? Why could van Rooyen not move into that house or do what Manuel and Asmal did when they Ministers: share accommodation?

Des van Rooyen’s four day stint as finance minister wiped R95bn off state pensions. Every teacher, nurse, police officer and government employee will have taken a big knock which they will only experience on retirement. The rich have become richer; the working class has become increasingly indebted and the poor continue to become poorer.

We are daily slipping down the slope, thanks to the excesses and spending with abandon of the ruling party. We can, however, be thankful for small mercies. Had Des van Rooyen remained Minister of Finance, our rand would have been just so much printed paper with cosmetic value. What happened in Zimbabwe is what could very well have happened here and might still happen.

Oh, if only the ANC of today remained the ANC of 1994!

Issued by COPE

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