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Parliament has officially publicised the advert calling for applications and nominations for the new Public Protector and the DA encourages all qualified and courageous individuals to apply or to nominate those deemed to be suitably qualified to take the helm of this vital corruption-busting institution before 24 June 2016 which is the closing date for applications and nominations.

The process to appoint a new Public Protector began on 24 May 2016 with the adoption of draft resolution in the House. In this regard a multiparty Ad Hoc Committee has been established in order to interview candidates ahead of Adv. Thuli Madonsela’s non-renewable seven year term expiring in October of this year.

Adv.Madonsela, a fearless and non-partisan defender of the people of South Africa has set the bar high in terms of what is expected of the woman or man who occupies the Office of the Public Protector.

The Chapter Nine institution, empowered by the Constitution and an Act of Parliament, has played a pivotal role, in the last seven years, in shedding light on the dark corrupt activities of State officials and politicians who are entrusted with the administration of the people’s money.

To replace Adv. Madonsela with a lapdog of the Majority Party, would be contrary to the spirit and role of the Public Protector envisaged by the Constitution and the doctrine of the separation of powers. The Office of the Public Protector should stand as a watch-dog against government corruption, impropriety and maladministration.

The DA, alongside political parties who believe in the Rule of Law and stopping corruption, will work tirelessly during this process to appoint the new Public Protector, to ensure that the right woman or man is appointed to serve the interests of the people instead of the narrow interests of a political cabal set on advancing their own self-interested agenda.

Issued by DA

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