Gwede Mantashe has been captured by the Guptas – COPE

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He delivers far less than he undertakes to do and gives assurances that are without warranty. In short, what he says is a damp squib. He intends to be strong and impressive but he disappoints massively.

The issue of his much publicised investigation into state capture is a case in point. With ready evidence from creditable quarters, a serving Deputy Minister included, the nation would have expected him to come up with a mountain, not a mole.

COPE laid a charge of treason against both Mr Zuma as well as the Guptas. The police should investigate the charge. If the Inspector General has a report on the Gupta capture of the state, the work of the police will be greatly simplified. It can request and get that report inter-departmentally and the use it to prosecute the case in line with the charges we brought against Mr Zuma and the Guptas.

No one in South Africa will believe that Mr Zuma’s relationship with the Guptas is innocent and above board. No one will believe that the Gupta family has not been having its way with Mr Zuma and exercising undue influence on him. Perception in politics is everything.

So why is Mantashe disappoint in spite of all his bluster? Is he also captured or is he cornered? Do we have a person Junta ruling South Africa? The questions are many. Answers there are none.

The report on the Guptas that is with the Inspector General must be acted on. The charge of treason that we laid against Mr Zuma and the Guptas must be pursued in the interest of the law. The truth must surface and that can only happen in open court.

Issued by Cope

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