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COPE is very happy that at long last government is listening to us. Why it took Gordhan and Ramaphosa so long to realise that desperate times require desperate measures, is indeed very perplexing. The time is long overdue to arrange an Economic Codesa. The problem of the failing economy is our collective problem requiring a collective, concentrated and concerted response.

The Times is very correct in giving this topic the prominence it did in Thursday’s printed edition.

COPE, UDM and other opposition parties agreed in a meeting in the Townhouse Hotel in 2012 that an Economic Codesa was needed. Again, in our press release prior to the 2016 SONA, we stated that COPE wanted Mr Zuma to “indicate ten measures being put into place to prevent South Africa plunging into a recession. He should (we urged at the time) also indicate that an Economic Codesa would take place in order for all role players to craft an economic policy that would convince investors that South Africa was indeed open for business”. […/sona-2016-copes-exp…]. They did not listen to us and allowed very valuable time to be lost.

South Africans can no longer permit Mr Zuma to run the economy completely into the ground. COPE reiterates its call to the ruling party represented by the Deputy President and the Minister of Finance to summon an Economic Codesa urgently so that we as South Africans can collectively pull our country out of recession and prevent the social upheavel that will inevitably follow.

COPE fully supports the urgent holding of an Economic Codesa. The economic situation in our country is just too dire to kick it around as a political football. We need to unite to achieve success. What we did in Codesa before 1994 we must now do in the Economic Codesa. South Africans must put South Africa first.

Issued by COPE

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