Images of bikini clad young women not ANC campaign – ANC


Issued by Nablie

The African National Congress (ANC) is aware of the circulation on several social media platforms of images of bikini-clad young women wearing ANC regalia.

Upon enquiry the ANC has established that the images were taken by a group of friends, who are also ANC supporters, who organized a beauty pageant. They then circulated the images.

These images do not form part of an ANC elections campaign nor are they endorsed by the ANC. The ANC remains an organization committed to the values of non-sexism: and is opposed to any form of objectification of women.

The ANC welcomes creative and innovative campaigning by all its supportsers. We however strongly caution against use of any imagery that negates the fundamental values of the ANC including non-sexism. We call on all our supporters to exercise responsibility when it comes to circulating images of themselves wearing ANC colours.

Issued by the African National Congress

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