DA can win Tshwane: Confirmed by IPSOS – DA


Sponsored by Nablie

Independent polling conducted by IPSOS and released yesterday by eNCA carries a clear message: the DA can win the Capital on August 3 and bring the change that Tshwane needs to make progress.

The poll has the DA leading the ANC by 5 points in Tshwane with the biggest reason given by respondents for voting DA being the belief that the DA can make a difference to their lives.

We are encouraged by this clear picture of voters’ intention for this year’s election. But if we are to win Tshwane will need every DA supporter and every resident who wants to see change coming out and voting DA on August 3.

The people of Tshwane have grown tired of the ANC’s broken promises and increasingly recognise the DA as the only party that can move Tshwane forward through change that stops corruption, delivers better services and creates jobs.

The DA is clearly the most positively-viewed party in Tshwane, coming out tops in terms of positive public sentiment, at 49%. We are the only party where positive sentiment outweighed negative sentiment, with double the quantity of positive versus negative responses.

s far outweighed those who felt positively about them. A total of 46% of respondents had a negative sentiment toward the ANC with only 36% feeling positively about the governing party. The EFF’s negative sentiment was the highest at 51% with only 26% of respondents feeling positively about them.

The numbers reflect the growing groundswell of support for the DA. Victory is within our grasp but the race to August 3 remains neck and neck between the DA and the ANC.

The DA needs the support of each and every voter to make this City great. Together we can bring change to Tshwane.

Issued by DA

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