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The EFF wishes all fathers a revolutionary Happy Fathers’ Day. We celebrate all men who have taken the responsibility to participate in raising their children. This is amidst the high levels absent fathers that have characterised our society for many years.
We know that the phenomenon of absent fathers is a direct product of the colonial capitalist industrialisation processes in Mining. Mining industrialisation in colonial and apartheid South Africa broke many African families, leaving them fatherless. Additionally, the mining industrialisation processes produced “men worlds” called hostels which further reproduced masculinities of “parental absenteeism”, where increasingly men were engaged in so many sexual relationships where they would abandon most of the women they slept with at the point of pregnancy and move on to the next one.
On this day, we must call on the complete eradication and ban of hostels which are a legacy of colonial and apartheid industrial mining as they reproduce the phenomenon of absent fathers in black communities. They represent apartheid’s treatment of black men with indignity; subhumans who must live eternally like animals. All capital or big business which benefits or has benefited on hostels must be held directly responsible in transforming the hostels into family units so that men are treated as fully human who must live with their families and thus participate in the lives of their children.
It is a shame that the democratic government has allowed mining capital, even after 1994 to continue building hostels as opposed to family units. This means the post-apartheid government has also allowed the assault on black rural families by disarming them of the father, throwing them into the wild world of destructive masculinities called hostels. It has continued the assault on the dignity of black men and their masculinity, entrapping them in that cycles of colonial violence which was based on the idea that they are nonhuman.
The EFF celebrates all the men who have made sure that they take part in the lives of their children, not by only paying maintenance, but by being part and parcel of the life of the child. Men who only pay maintenance, yet do not participate in the raising of the child are worse than hostel dwellers who have been denied this by the conditions of their employment. These men, together with all those who are absent and also do not pay maintenance, are absent fathers who must fall. The EFF calls on the phenomenon of absent fathers to fall –‪#‎AbsentFathersMustFall‬.
We celebrate fathers who never abandon their children even at the face of or after divorce. We celebrate this as a revolutionary act that all activists and fighters must embrace as a revolutionary duty. Because a fighter is not a fighter if they do not take care and participate in the lives and raising of their children. We celebrate all fathers who know that it does not diminish your manhood to cook for the child, change the nappies, wash their clothes, bath them and help them with all the school homework. Healthy and strong manhood is made also by being able to raise our children as fathers.
Finally, we celebrate all the fighters who have children and are still dedicated to the revolution. We want to take this opportunity to thank their children for all the times their fathers were not at home with them, but on the ground building the EFF. We thank their children for all the time their fathers took the little money they should spend with and on them, and used it to build the EFF.
We do not take it fore granted that all of this comes at the cost to them as their children; that in the process of revolution they as children are part of the sacrifice their fathers make to build the Economic Emancipation Movement. The revolution will never forget them, but above all, we hope they will grow up to be proud of this revolution of their fathers and own it also as theirs, whilst continuing with its completion and sustenance in the future.
The fathers who are in the revolution are the best fathers because they make the country better not just for their immediate children, but also for all other fathers and their children. The EFF therefore wishes the CIC Julius Malema, DP Floyd Shivambu, SG Gordrich Gardee, NC Dali Mpofu and all the fighter fathers a Revolutionary Happy Fathers’ Day.


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