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Congress of the People wonders what more must happen before ANC supporters square their conscience with their support of the party. Jimi Matthews’ resignation is the severest indictment of both Hlaudi Motsoeneng as well as of the ANC.

There is not one single brave and moral person in the whole of the ANC to speak up against the harm that Hlaudi Motsoeneng is doing to the SABC and to South Africa. By order of court he should have been suspended. However, living under the ANC’s increasing autocracy, court judgments don’t matter and public opinion has no currency. What Baba wants is what Baba gets.

Jimi Matthews writes that “In the process (of making compromises) the prevailing, corrosive atmosphere has impacted negatively on my moral judgement and has made me complicit in many decisions which I am not proud of”. COPE congratulates Jimi Matthews for doing what he has done.

For the CEO of SABC to say, “What is happening at the SABC is wrong and I can no longer be a part of It” is utterly damning of the SABC and the ANC. Good people can certainly never be part of what Motsoeneng is doing. Only the ANC which is now corrupt to the very core thinks that Hlaudi Motsoeneng is a great star and that what he is doing is the best for the SABC and for South Africa.

All who vote for the ANC will be complicit in the destruction of democracy and the rise of autocracy.

Issued by COPE

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