SACP to picket at the SABC and at the ANN7 in support of workers and against the SABC’s apartheid-style draconian censorship of news – SACP


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The South African Communist Party (SACP) will next week picket in support of the workers who have been suspended at the SABC and dismissed at the ANN7. The pickets will include a memorandum urging the SABC to reverse its apartheid-style draconian censorship of protest footages and to bring to an end the ongoing administration and governance decay prohibiting the public broadcaster to deliver on its public mandate responsibilities.

Last week the SABC suspended three workers and the Guptas' owned ANN7 dismissed eight workers. Yesterday, 27 June, the ANN7 dismissed the ninth worker. The SACP condemns in the strongest terms possible the contemptuous manner in which the Guptas treat workers in violation of the Basic Condition of Employment Act and the Labour Relations Act, among other labour laws. The SACP fully backs the Congress of South African Trade Union's demand for the ANN7 to reinstate the dismissed workers with immediate effect!

The SACP in Gauteng Province will in due course announce further details of the pickets after completing all due processes in terms of municipal by-laws and other regulations pertaining to public gatherings.

Failure by the SABC and the ANN7 to accede to the demands will be met with rolling mass action in the form of marches.

Issued by the SACP

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