My sermon last Sunday, was deeply hurtful‚ offensive and racist, I apologize -Pastor Andre Olivier of Rivers Church

Pastor Andre Olivier

Sponsored by Nablie

Controversial Rivers Church Pastor Andre Olivier apologised to his congregants on Sunday for the “racist” comments he made in his sermon last week.

Before the start of the 8.15am service‚ Olivier read out a statement to his congregants expressing his regret for his last Sunday service which was seen to suggest that black people are lazy.

Olivier initially defended his sermon‚ but on Wednesday‚ he apologised.

“I want to make a statement that will help heal our church.

“Reflecting on the statements in my sermon last Sunday‚ I realise that they were deeply hurtful‚ offensive and racist… It was never my intention to hurt anyone.

“I acknowledge the damage and harm that my statements have caused and for this I am truly sorry‚” Olivier said.

His congregants responded by clapping as Olivier was reading the statement.

“I would like to apologise unreservedly and ask for your forgiveness.

“I am committed to build into this nation and I continue to elevate lives as I endeavour to do for the last 30 years‚” Olivier continued.

“I am determined to learn from mistakes. I am choosing to rise above my shortcomings…”

He thanked his congregants for “your amazing love‚ your kindness‚ your prayers and support… God bless you”.

Olivier did not conduct the service‚ visiting Pastor Chris Mathebula did.

Mathebula’s sermon was titled “Out live yourself”. He encouraged congregants to live for others and to contribute towards nation building.


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