James SelfeCoalition negotiations ongoing

The DA dismisses ANC-inspired rumours that coalition agreements have been reached at this stage. This includes Luthuli House’s desperate spin that the DA was horse-trading control of metros. These are the last kicks of a dying horse, desperate to cling onto power using misinformation.

The DA will continue with its negotiations in earnest with the clear objective of putting together governments that give effect to the majority of the electorates’ rejection of the ANC and its management of local government.

This requires establishing workable, well-governed municipalities and metros that are able to create jobs, deliver better services and bring years of corruption to a complete stop.

DA-led governments will do this by making use of the pool of skills and talent that already exist in many of the existing administrations. There will be no ‘purging’ of staff – every person who works hard, in the best interests of the people, and is qualified to do the job, will be welcome. Indeed, positions are not awarded on the basis of political allegiances in DA-run towns and cities.

The electorate has given parties a clear mandate to form a government that gives effect to change, by kicking out the ANC which has failed them by putting corruption first and services last. The DA will continue with all negotiations in the spirit of this mandate, which we fully respect and intend to uphold.

Issued by James Selfe 

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