Nail-biting vote sees ANC retain Rustenburg

ANCThe ANC held on to power in the local council in Rustenburg in a dramatic manner on Friday.

The ANC drew first blood when Sheila Mabale-Huma was elected Speaker of the council with 46 votes against 43 votes received by Bosa Ledwaba from the Forum 4 Service Delivery.

This was a re-run after the first round was a tie with 44 votes each and one ballot paper spoilt. The ANC then succeeded in having its mayor Mpho Khunou re-elected with 46 votes against the 43 votes received by Rocky Malebana-Mesting of the Forum 4 Service Delivery.

AD: Accounting Services

Rustenburg was the only ANC-controlled municipality in North West which was at risk of falling to the opposition. The ANC obtained 43 council seats, failing to win an outright majority to take control of the platinum rich city. The opposition collectively holds 46 seats in Rustenburg hold 46 seats.

African News Agency

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