We now live in a huge Animal Farm officially called the Republic of South Africa – Ngwedi Mabilo

ngwediOur country has now entered a tumultuous era wherein the so called pseudo leaders are not only hell bent on inflicting maximum harm to the soul of the citizenry but also to ensure the downfall and the destruction of everything we stand for is rapid; hurting ; felt so helplessly and unheralded !


They are all out to punish the nation for selfishly choosing a wrong leadership even when better choices were amongst us and we chose to look the other way ! They ensure we pay for going along with those who never deserved to lead in the first place !


As we thought the future of our kids is bleak and darkened we wake up to realize that the decline is accelerated ; much quicker and therefore our very own future is now on the line; we begin to wonder what tomorrow will look like !


Our efforts ; sweat and country is fast and unashamedly and practically dissipating before our very eyes !

The lawlessness; we witness everywhere does not help either ; the destruction of infrastructure is fast becoming the cancer of our undoing ; the lack of respect of private property ownership drives investors away and turn us into a laughing stock of the world !


The hijacking of the fees must fall noble campaign  and the lack of vision to it is destroying the very education system they claim to fight for ! A case of no education before no fee principle ! ‘looks like the apartheid era mantra of Liberation before education ! Now see the product of that process at the helm of government ?


Alive with possibilities slogan replaced with Angazi ?


We now live in a huge Animal Farm officially called the Republic of South Africa and fast becoming Mamparaland and/or Banana Republic !


The dreaded two headed gaze of draconian monstrosity has befell our nation and we are being lead to the slaughter house !


Ruling by chaos and creating war with self only serves to deflect attention to real issues whilst Rome burns and all institutions destroyed !


I can conclude without any fear of equivocation that indeed We are so deeply in trouble that the sooner we realize the negative irreversible socioeconomic impact of it the better !


Small cap mentality in this case won’t rescue us from the devastating Tsumani coming our way as we remain unsure where the next economic drivers will come from !!


We have now reached precipice ; we arrive at the edge ; on which shifting ground our feet are patched ; it will take little effort to fall over down below !


Cry our Beloved Country !


By Ngwedi Mabilo

2 thoughts on “We now live in a huge Animal Farm officially called the Republic of South Africa – Ngwedi Mabilo”

  1. what can i say e3xcept that when we voted for a democratic SA i9 never dreamt that it would turn against us & that SA would never become like all the rest of african countries – alas wishful thinking it was


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