The EFF claims 2016 as the most important political year in South Africa’s democratic history since 1994 – EFF


The EFF claims 2016 as the most important political year in South Africa’s democratic history since 1994. No other year has managed to open our future up politically to be genuinely reimagined than 2016. This is because for the first time, the days of a one dominant party system have reached their cul-de-sac; the corrupt and arrogant ANC which has ruled South Africa for the past 22 years with a false sense of entitlement now knows without a shadow of doubt that it is dispensable.

The significance of this for the maturity of our democracy is the restoration of the will of the people and not of a few elites at the helm of a dominant liberation movement. In 2016 this century old colossal felt the power of the electorate and came to realise that it is not in power because of its own doing, but because of the will of the people. Only in 2016 can we begin to have hope in electoral change, because political parties who do not know that people can remove them, fail to value the office they occupy.

It is therefore the Economic Freedom Fighters that is at the centre of this revival of electoral democracy and the popular will of the people. It is the EFF which has restored conscience in the heart of our politics; where it is now evident, more than ever, that without respecting the will of the people, even century old liberation movements can fall.

We therefore take this opportunity to express gratitude to each and every fighter who worked tirelessly over the longest electoral campaign since the dawn of our democracy. In this campaign, spanning well over 9 months, fighters delivered the change we speak of with discipline, precision and militancy.

We also thank all our supporters for turning out in numbers and voting for the EFF. The EFF voters were the proudest in 2016 because it is only their vote that made a difference in places like Johannesburg, Tshwane, Nelson Mandela and many other municipalities where we humbled the ever arrogant ANC.

There is indeed nothing in 2016 that is new in our politics in South Africa than the 2016 local government elections outcome. This means only the EFF carries hope of a better change because this outcome is unthinkable without the EFF.

Finally, we take this opportunity to wish all the people of South Africa, Africa and the world a Revolutionary New Year. We call on all who will be travelling over this time to do so responsibly and not to drink and drive. We call on young people to practice safe sex and not to abuse alcohol and drugs. We also call on all parents to take extra care of children amidst all the festivities; let no child be lost in this season, let the whole community be on guard against child neglect.

We wish you all a 2017 full of peace, social justice, equality and economic freedom in our lifetime.


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