We have lost faith in our CIC Julius Malema -EFF Johannesburg Region


The EFF takes significant inspiration from Thomas Sankara in terms of both style and ideology.

In a May 2014 column, the prominent EFF member Jackie Shandu declared his party a “proudly Sankarist formation”.

The EFF has been vocal in its criticism of black business owners and black owners of mining companies in South Africa.

In an address at the Oxford Union in November 2015, Malema spoke out against billionaire mining company owner Patrice Motsepe.

Further protests in 2015, the EFF delivered demands that included the socialization of the mining sector and called for more explicit targets for the 26% BEE ownership required by law.

Malema addressed a crowd in Marikana, Rustenburg in the platinum mining area, blaming mining companies and calling out platinum mining company Lonmin in particular, for poverty in the region.

In 2016, after local elections in South Africa, the EFF has suggested that they will back the Democratic Alliance in hung-metro areas without consultation with us as the members of the organisation, but would not be entering into a coalition with any political party in South Africa.

In July 2015, the CIC Julius Sello Malema told the journalists at a press conference in Johannesburg that “the problems in Zimbabwe were not caused by Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe, but by the white monopoly capital.”

He further said, “President Robert Mugabe is the only Leader who knows for the real changes to come, Africans will have to through the necessary pain,exactly what Zimbabweans are going through now, and we don’t see what is happening in Zimbabwe as anarchy. We don’t blame it on President Mugabe, we blame it on the white monopoly capital.”

But now our CIC Julius malema, has made a u-turn. He wants Mugabe gone, he is regretting ever supporting President Mugabe. We as the Joburg Regional Command Team under the leadership of Mosa Nobela, we would to distance ourselves from such sentiments.

We have totally lost faith in our “Commander in chief”, 
When we turn to look at the history of our CIC, we have realised that most of the time,he says things of which he later regrets about ever saying them.

He once called Thabo Mbeki names, and later he regretted it, and went to apologise. And he use to call DA President Mmusi Maimane the garden boy of Hellen Zille, but we saw that he took the votes of the poor black people, who voted for EFF, because they wanted radical change in their life time, and gave it to Maimane.

On searching for the new Public Protector, he supported Busisiwe Mkhwebane, and now he is regretting ever supporting her. He wants her gone.

So we have realised that we cannot be led by the President of this calibre.

Who always makes wrong decisions, and openly contradicts himself. We have now become the laughing stock in South African politics.

In Joburg Region, we are going to mobilise the branches, as this year is the year of launching the branches as per the 2017 3rd Plenum, not to support Julius Sello Malema, anymore.

If we manage to get the number we want, then we will push for vote of no confidence in him.

We cannot be led by someone who has turned the EFF into a radical side of DA. The person who publicly denies that there is no white monopoly capital in this country, cannot lead us.

“The EFF is anti-capitalist, anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-imperialist in its world outlook and is driven by sound democratic socialist values where the leadership is accountable to the membership which elected it.”

All this above it contradicts who Julius Malema is, he’s a pro-capitalist who is in the pockets of Johan Rupert as he proved it in his previous Press Conference dashing out saying “ABSA is a Gupta campaign” which beings light to us as the leadership of the region that Julius Malema will never #OccupyABSA. We don’t need a one man to smooth talk the system, we call on the branches to come together and put a vote of no confidence in CIC Julius Malema he needs self introspection more, he lost it. “Mr Malema it is time now leadership, you’ve let the membership down please step down!”

Issued by;

Fgt Silumko Khethokuhle Mabona
Johannesburg Regional Secretary
Economic Freedom Fighters
Cell: 078 722 35333 or 062 502 4154 
Emai: khethokuhle@gmail.com or effjoburgsofasonke@gmail.com

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