Sefu1If you really look carefully at this Zuma free education, it’s a well calculated move to cause problems for the next President of South Africa.

Firstly, it was Announced when NSFAS applications where already closed and it is only meant for those who had already applied to NSFAS. So the funding is already there, its just not a loan, but a grant.

Secondly, in 2019 the President will not serve a full term, the new president will deal with the funding pressure from universities and a lot more student will have motivation to apply to NSFAS because of the word FREE. By the time the pressure gets to students, Zuma will be long gone.

Thirdly, the long term financial constrains on our economy will emerge long after Zuma, Zuma might have invested in a worse President than himself. Who wants to go down as the worst President in the history of the ANC and RSA. The compounded financial distress to our education system and economy might bring one of our future Presidents down.

Fourthly, It can only take a DOM President to introduce a progressive policy, free quality education is a progressive policy. Human beings are never ready for such policies. If it emerges that the South African economy can handle such a financial constrain, Zuma will have a place in the good pages of our history books. It might happen that, our economy is able to handle the financial pressure. Or our next President could be so good that, he turns our fortunes around and turn things around for the good, allowing us to curry on with free education.

Either way, Zuma has calculated a WIN.


By Sefu Sekgala

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