We are tired of De Lille, Please remove her as Cape Town Mayor – Grant Twigg

DADA’s Cape Town Metro executive recommends #DeLille’s removal

The DA’s Cape Metro executive has decided to recommend to its higher bosses that Patricia De Lille be removed as the mayor of the City of Cape Town.

Grant Twigg, DA metro leader, said: “Patricia De Lille has lost the confidence of the Metro Executive, the relevant political authority. We are of the view that the City of Cape Town requires stability, unity and functionality – which we believe she cannot deliver.”
“I communicated our recommendations to party leadership and trust they will act swiftly in the best interests of the organization. All public representatives are accountable to its party and voters, and as party leadership we need to ensure that all deployees are acting in the best interests of voters as well as the organization, and not themselves. The metro executive has not taken these decisions lightly but after careful consideration and deliberation,” Twigg said.
He also said the DA caucus will not support De Lille’s proposed drought levy.
Speculation has been rife that De Lille will be axed following two investigations and several allegations of corruptions which De Lille has all denied.
De Lille told the Cape Argus that she will be taking legal action against the DA should they decide on removing her.
Cape Argus

One thought on “We are tired of De Lille, Please remove her as Cape Town Mayor – Grant Twigg”

  1. De Lille stated on eNca TV news today 10 Jan 2018 that she has been informed that farmers are using/drawing ,ore water than allowed.

    Farmers water quotas have been slashed for more than a year already.

    The narrative now is that farmers stole the land, now the water. And when there is now food we will blame the farmers? Sigh,,, talk about biting the hand that feed you.


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