Zuma is gone! – Save SA

Save South Africa, and the people of South Africa as a whole, celebrate the demise of Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma – and we do so with relish!


We are absolutely delighted to see the back of the worst president this country has ever seen. We look forward to seeing him again in court, and soon, to face justice for his multitude of crimes against the people of South Africa.


Zuma’s resignation brings to an end the most calamitous era in our post-apartheid history, and will be celebrated by anyone who values our Constitution, our flag and our sovereignty.


All these together with the values of our young democracy were compromised by Zuma and his crony compradors, who pillaged the South African state for close on a decade.


Like Zuma, these collaborators must also be removed from public office and face justice.


We take this opportunity to salute the people of our country who put aside their differences and worked together in the very many creative ways to publicly demand that this day comes. We are immensely proud of the various civil society formations, the whistleblowers and journalists from the various media platforms who have played such an important role in exposing Zuma’s frolics through the public purse.


Without these expressions of people’s power, the country would be in the hands of international criminal gangs and rogues including foreign governments that sought to condemn us to a mountain of debt for nuclear procurement that would have enslaved, not only us, but future generations. We must remember our victories if and when we are next called upon to deal with the abuse of power.


At the same time, we congratulate the recently elected leadership of the ANC – in particular, President Cyril Ramaphosa – for realizing the urgency of removing Zuma. Whilst we did not always agree with their negotiating tactics – in particular, a disturbing tendency to be secretive, matched by an equally disturbing temptation to push the limits of our Constitution – we unquestionably welcome the outcome.


Now, with Zuma gone, the leadership of the governing party must make it their business to focus on the interests of all South Africans, and restore pride in our beautiful flag and our country.


Whoever replaces Zuma as President of the Republic must lead the drive to urgently recapture the state from those who have stolen our sovereignty while at the same time stealing millions from the public purse.


The next President must build a leadership collective that is focused on ensuring state resources are directed towards dealing with rising unemployment, increasing inequality and growing poverty. This will require a massive injection of new energy and expertise, and deep-rooted programmes to address the legacies of apartheid such as racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination, to get us out of the hole that was dug by Zuma and his cohorts.


In line with Save South Africa’s minimum demands for a socially just South Africa, whoever replaces Zuma must prioritise the return of the rule of law, restore the credibility of the criminal justice sector – including the Hawks, SAPS, NPA and intelligence services — and publicly affirm the independence of the judiciary and the integrity of Chapter 9 institutions.


Credible leaders must be appointed in key economic institutions involved in the fight against corruption – including National Treasury, SARS, the Chief Procurement Office, the PIC and the Financial Intelligence Centre. We also demand full investigations into corruption and misgovernance at state-owned companies, followed by the removal of boards, CEO and management who are found to be corrupt, and their replacement with reputable and experienced leaders.


Crucially, the next President must ensure that the captains of state capture are pursued and prosecuted, and that neither the Zumas nor the Guptas are allowed to leave South Africa. Their passports must be revoked until investigations around them are finalized.


There must be no soft landings or red carpets for the crooks, from Zuma down. There must be no secret deals or amnesties. There must be no backdoor deals – we demand justice, and we demand public justice.


And as the Save South Africa campaign, we will be watching — very closely — to ensure this happens.


Issued by:


The Save South Africa campaign


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