Ramaphosa should appoint a full-scale Independent Inquiry into Bosasa Corruption – DA


DAI will be writing to President Cyril Ramaphosa today to request that he appoints an independent inquiry, headed by a retired judge to be selected by the Chief Justice, to fully investigate the Bosasa scandal, which now involves the President and his family.

President Ramaphosa has publicly committed himself to fighting corruption. In reply to my question in Parliament about Bosasa payments to his son, he said he would take his son to the police station himself if there was evidence of corruption. Now he must show how serious his commitment to fighting corruption really is.

There can’t be double standards. President Ramaphosa has appointed independent inquiries to investigate corruption elsewhere. Now the same standard must apply to him and his family.

He must appoint an independent inquiry to investigate Bosasa’s enormous and likely corrupt influence on the government and the ANC.

This Inquiry should also determine whether the President lied to Parliament when he answered my question in the House about this payment.

The latest admission by the President, that Bosasa donated at least R500 000 to his campaign for the presidency of the ANC, and that his son receives payments for “consulting work” from Bosasa, requires an extensive investigation. Bosasa has already been shown to have paid ANC MPs, Ministers and senior ANC officials. The Bosasa corruption network extends throughout the government and the ANC, and now also to the President and his family.

We need an Inquiry to investigate:

The full extent of Bosasa’s corrupt influence on the government;
All payments made by Bosasa to politicians, or their families, trusts or companies;
The full involvement of the President and his family to this scandal; and
Any other related issues and payments.
I have already submitted two separate applications in terms of the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) – one to the Presidency and one to the African Global Group, formerly Bosasa – to gain access to the contract for services rendered by the President’s son, Andile Ramaphosa, to the controversial facilities management company, Bosasa. The President told Parliament that such a contract exists, and that he had personally seen it.

The DA has made it clear that the ANC is irredeemably corrupt. There is no “good” ANC left. State Capture was not a Gupta/Zuma phenomenon. It is a model of corruption practiced across the state and throughout the ANC.


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