The following people are politicians and a cabal of Cyril Ramaphosa and Pravin Gordhan: Peter Bruce, Max du Preez, Ranjeni Munusamy, Ferial Haffajee, Karima Brown, Pierre de Vos, Palesa Morudu, and Nomboniso Gasa – EFF


EFF can confirm that SANEF has indeed approached the equality court, in an attempt to silence us from challenging certain media personalities and journalists.

We shall challenge this application as it is based on a sick, self-preoccupied attempt to suppress criticism of embedded journalism and the media.

We repeat, without any fear of contradiction, that Peter Bruce, Max du Preez, Ranjeni Munusamy, Ferial Haffajee, Karima Brown, Pierre de Vos, Palesa Morudu, and Nomboniso Gasa, are the Ramaphosa’s Defence Force; engaged in a campaign, through their positions in the media, to discredit and undermine any opposition to him and Pravin Gordhan. They are a coordinated Pravin Gordhan media gang, with objectives of protecting the establishment.

The EFF names these people in their works, and they have shown their colours.

They are no longer engaged in independent, non-partisan and neutral journalistic pursuit. They have descended in the arena, and act like politicians. As such, they must be responded to as politicians.

It is also curious that they have taken the same route as Pravin Gordhan. Perhaps they have been tipped, that they will find favour in the Equality Court. We are however, not moved nor shaken, because there is no court in our country with a mandate to suppress public criticism of the media.

The EFF has been consistent in its message to its supporters that our battle with these individuals is an intellectual one based on ideas and not physical violence. In essence, our campaign to look out for them and their works on social media is a pure ideological exercise.

No leader or structure of the EFF has ever called on violence with the media or journalists. No leader of the EFF has even called on any journalist’s house address to be published. Instead, it is the leaders of EFF, whose home addresses are published and displayed through GPS images.

Many journalists have seen through the hypocrisy of SANEF, and have started to call on journalists not to descend into the arena and remain neutral.

We will never be intimidated, and we shall speak the truth even if it means prison.

Statement issued by the Economic Freedom Fighters

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