Refusing to die at birth, The EFF has revived the hope of a black child – Sefu Sekgala

It has become very difficult to imagine any young person outside of the EFF, lead South Africa.

The young people within the broach church or the ANC alliance are suffocated by the desires of the elders who have made tragic promises to the broader White community. The young leaders in the ANC alliance have been politically suspended.

Any attempt by any of them to raise their head and contribute in a revolutionary way will have their throat slit.

ANC elders and the elders guarding the interests of White people have made many promises to each other. The majority of the wealthy ANC connected people can be traced to the support of one or other White person, so they owe the white community a lot more than meets the eyes.

There is not much difference between the current ANC and the ANC of Dr. Xuma.

The politically in charge ANC leadership feels the need to appease the Economically in charge White Capitalists. Just like the Dr. Xuma ANC felt the need not to upset its principals at the time.

It is possible that the powerful leaders of the white community have devised a strategy to silence Black youth and influence the ANC leadership to Abort any political ambition by its youth.

Former President Jacob Zuma had a fallout with what we can call White monopoly capital as he was establishing his own capitalists through the Guptas. Only after the fall out with the WMC did the President make a reasonable attempt to empower the youth.

It would be very naïve to overlook the fact that young ANC leaders struggle to image.

Julius Malema and the team escaped through the eye of a needle. They are just lucky to be alive, to not have been assassinated. The force unleashed on them was unimaginable, it is a simple miracle that they have survived.

The emergence of EFF had to be dramatic. The EFF had to use the beast owned by other people to send the messages to its people. This beast is the media. The beast only listens to its owners. Any other person who needed to get onto the beast had to feed it the dirty nutsy beast food.

The EFF constantly forces itself into the main stream media while working extremely hard on the ground. In most cases the tough language employed by the EFF is merely beast food, the beast is very specific on died, it takes anything from its owners, but it is very choosy when it comes to strangers. The Media is the beast.

People like Pravin Gordhan can be as diplomatic as they want, and they will still be prominently covered by the media. Pravin does not own the beast, he is friends with the beast owners who are in the main the White monopoly capitalists.

There are people within the black community who do not understand why the EFF strategy is so fitting. The EFF is young and self-reliant, unlike Cope, the EFF did not use big names from ANC alliance to boast itself. Its own members and founders resorted to doing the hard work, that is no child’s play, that is hard, dangerous and dirty. Very few people can succeed with that.

Naturally the media and its allies would rather have no EFF covered or if covered, covered only negatively.

EFF has in the main tactically managed to keep itself in the media.

Only ANC, DA, EFF and the pro Afrikaner COPE are covered by the media. EFF is the only political party among the four who have not made any promises to the White community. The rest of the three political parties usually go out of their way even defying the needs of their voters to appease the White community.

The silencing of the young people in the SA political body politics presents an opportunity for the EFF to lead a youthful political front that would re-define SA political future.

The biggest challenge for the EFF is the doubting Thomases who underestimate the strength of the racists in SA, who constantly question EFF’s methods. They question EFF’s methods because they don’t have the faintest idea what it takes to build a political party in defiance of the interest of the White community.

It is only when they are faced with the racial discrimination directly that they remember EFF.

There are Black people who accepted that it is the norm for only a Black person to be a labourer, to be a domestic worker etc, this acceptance has made them find comfort in themselves, they sleep at night.

They have accepted that it is a norm that only a Black person can live in a shack.

They have accepted that they should be employed by a white person and the economy belongs in the hands of the White community.

It is this view that brings some criticism to the EFF by some Black people.

Congratulations to the EFF for its first Victory, the EFF is growing stronger than any other political party of its age, by this time Cope had already died.

Goodluck to the EFF for the next goal of governance, where its policies will be brought to life.

Give young people a chance to govern you.

By Sefu Sekgala

9 thoughts on “Refusing to die at birth, The EFF has revived the hope of a black child – Sefu Sekgala”

  1. The racist EFF would be nowhere if they didn’t create an imaginary bogey man. If it wasn’t for white people, they wouldn’t have anyone to blame. Like many groups, they are unable to make a positive contribution, but have to use scapegoats.


  2. This is the worst biased blog piece ever….its poorly researched and wrongly presents Dr Xuma and former press Zuma. This is a sad time where history is being distorted


  3. Sefu, this article is way below you my brother. I know you as someone who once worked to uphold the values of our Constitution…..your article suggests otherwise today. Maybe you are looking for a political home…


  4. Your observations is on point, i still don’t understand Africans who are still voting for any other party, unless they wish to leave the struggle for the next generation or they are in denial about state of affairs in SA.
    ANC tried very hard to destroy EFF and hurt themselves more, now I see the media has joined he campaign to destroy this precious organization, but times are difficult for them because they risk losing little credibility they still has left


  5. Dude, if the whites controlled the ANC we would have gotten rid of Zuma much, much earlier. And you guys need to edit this stuff.


  6. Thank you for the brilliant piece of writing work Sefu. The facts are out in the open for all to see. EFF is the future. Our land and jobs now.

    The apartheid system had systematically pushed black people from productive land and cramped them all into desolate areas with minimal rainfall patterns. I think out of all the injustices, this was the most and paramount strategic move taken by the self serving NP rulers to force people into mines as cheap labour. For the longest time we all thought that the ANC understood the hardships of our black nation but we have since come to realise that they cannot see anything good beyond the white man.

    It’s a pity that many people have come to accept township life to be normal and somehow find comfort in idolising places such as Alexander etc to be some kind ‘wonderlands’ capable bring them good life. It is only through EFF’s teachings that black will soon realize that townships were created by Verwoerd, the apartheid architect himself.

    Van Morrison’ song “Too long in exile” explains this very well. The longer we stay in these squalor, the more our minds get corrupted and “we will never go back home” to the fertile lands of our forefathers. We want our land now. ASIJIKE…


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