Tears of a frustrated father, a public cry. Dr. Dexter has accumulated over R7 million in legal fees to be in his children’s life.

So now I travel to Goa to see Maya there. I call and message her mother every day. No response.

This morning she sends me a message to meet her in Ashwen.

I ask what time. Hours later I get a message saying she won’t allow me to see her as I did not pay for her airfare to Goa.

This after I proposed months ago that I wanted to take Maya on vacation to Goa.

Capricious erratic arbitrary behaviour and we must all suffer the consequences of the vagaries of her decisions and her whim and fancy. Such narcissistic behaviour should disqualify one from being a parent.

At the end of the day it is Maya whose rights are being abused as she has the right to access both her parents.

I have no alternative but the courts and the police. This means spending more money on lawyers that should be spent on the well being of my children.

So far the bill is R7,5m. I have paid most of the fees but still owe R2m.

I will never give up though and I thank all those who have supported me in this fight for justice for my children. All of them have suffered at the hand of this sociopath.

Her family have aided and abetted her, based on the lies she has told them. They must also take responsibility for all of this.

Neeta has also emailed all of her class mates from her school, attacking her once upon a time best friend, sending emails similar to the ones she sent about me, telling lies about her ex best friend, causing reputations harm and damage to people careers.

She did the same to her ex husband before me (yes there are other “Ex Men”) and her ex boyfriend who she turned state witness on when they were both arrested for drug dealing.

She became an informant for the FBI against him.

I am putting all this out there because it’s time the abuse of my children and of all children who have been abducted by a parent, ended.

The South African and Indian governments must intervene and protect their citizens, no matter what their age, from this form of abuse.

The alienation of a child by one parent against another is child abuse.

Dr. Phillip David Dexter, republished from the Facebook page

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