The African National Congress welcomes the 2018 matric results released by the Minister of Basic Education, Cde Angie Motshekga. We extend our heartfelt congratulations and good wishes to all the learners who worked tirelessly to raise the bar in the 2018 matric outcomes. Those who fell short must persevere and work harder, while making the best use of option available to them.

The 2018 results are an affirmation that the painstaking process to transform our education system and the significant investment we make every year are bearing fruit. We are encouraged by the upward momentum demonstrated by provinces that have historically struggled to improve their performance.

The significant achievements by a number of provinces, is cause to celebrate and must spur us on, to achieve better results. The drop in the Northern Cape and Western Cape is a cause for concern which requires immediate attention to arrest the decline and improve learner performance this year.

The ANC’s commitment to quality education that is relevant and adequately responds to the demands of radical socio-economic transformation and the 4th industrial revolution, has never been greater. We have come a long way in realising access, redress and equity in education and we must stay the course by placing greater emphasis on quality teaching and learning outcomes, enhance the skills and competencies of educators and enhancing accountability systems to ensure the achievement of quality outcomes.

While we celebrate the strides we have made, which find expression in the improving matric results, the challenges loom large. At the heart of these challenges is the role of civil society in ensuring that no learner is deprived of a right to education. We should all be outraged when sections of a community shut down schools and prohibit learners from getting an education for any amount of time. We should not be cowed to silence when schools are burnt down under the pretext of service delivery protests. As a nation, we must find each other and rally behind a common vision that propels us forward and guarantees the future of our learners. For this reason, education remains an apex priority of the ANC.

We congratulate the class of 2018 for their sterling performance and the hard work of educators, school governing bodies, parents and the broader civil society, who have provided an invaluable support system to the learners.

Issued by the African National Congress


  1. Of the 1,067,075 South African children in Grade 10 in 2016 only 400,761 passed their NSC just 24 months later in Dec 2018. That leaves 666,314 South African children Missing In Action!


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