Gauteng Economic Freedom Fighters congratulates the matric class of 2018 who passed their National Senior Certificate examinations. May this achievement be the first of many.We encourage those who did not make it to have the courage and strength to register in 2019.

A special tribute to learners in Westrand,Sedibeng,Tshwane, Ekhuruleni and Johannesburg who stay in squatter camps,who travel through sewer infested areas, who go to bed on a hungry stomach but still managed to overcome impossible odds. The courage of a girl child who continues to succeed despite unfavorable conditions in a society which is anti-women.

A proper functioning Education system must be able to account for all the 170 021 learners who enrolled for Grade 1 in 2007 around Gauteng. Until we have such a system in place we are afraid the department will never be in a position to announce accurate percentages.

Its about time the department of education and social development introduce programs that will keep record of all learners who enters the system. This will enable the department to detect at an early stage challenges that learners encounter which may expose them to substance abuse and becoming HIV infected.Ultimately dropping out of school.

The EFF sympathises in solidarity with all parents of the little toddler victims of a paedophile who were grossly violated at the Orlando Primary School in Soweto and again by the dysfunctional anti Black criminal justice system of Gauteng that let loose the evil man who damaged the futures of more than eighty kids.

Grade R teachers must be empowered with skills to enhance children’s understanding of scientific and mathematical concepts during early childhood as the majority of the brain development takes place during these years.

We want to acknowledge the efforts by all educators who work under strenuous conditions but nonetheless endure such conditions to advance the education of our children.It is because of your discipline and guardianship that 8 of the top 10 performing districts are from Gauteng.

EFF Gauteng conveys a strong message of support to those who have failed their National Senior Certificate.All is not lost.Let us during these trying times work together and provide unconditional support to our young ones who did not pass their NSC examinations.

Free quality decolonized education system inclusive of skills development is the ultimate goal that as a nation we must realize.

We further call upon the President of the Republic of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa to pardon all fees must fall students and must equally address issues raised in the memorandum from the Long Walk To Union Building activists.

We reiterate our call to all young qualifying Gauteng pupils from poor families to report to institutions of higher learning with their results for registrations. Fighters are called to assist where they can to make Sifundangenkani a success like it was in 2018.

EFF Gauteng wishes all learners the best in their future endeavours, education is a life long process and is not only about passing matric.


Issued by:

Gauteng Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF)


  1. #MatricResults2018 Of the 1,067,075 South African children enrolled in Grade 10 in 2016 only 400,761 passed their NSC in Dec 2018 – just 24 months later. That leaves 666,314 South African children Missing In Action! How did we lose over half a million citizens in under 2 years?


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