Another matric result, another continued betrayal of the youth of our nation.

While the Minister for Basic Education brags about the minimal increase in the pass rates it doesn’t honestly reflect the true state of affairs of our education system which is facing a serious crisis.

We give credit to those pupils and families that put an extra effort to achieve success, under difficult circumstances. We urge those that were not successful to try again and stay positive.

Every year, since 1994, the youth of our country have become the sacrificial lamb at the alter of the political expediency and the insatiable desire of ANC politicians to continue to deceive people about the content and quality of the education system.

For as long as there is no serous attention given to the destructive behaviour of SADTU, an Alliance partner of the ruling ANC, on the issue of lack of high performance and quality education delivery of the part of teachers the nation will continue to recycle unemployment and poverty. SADTU remains the biggest obstacle to quality education as desperately needed by our economy.

The result remains the unemployment and unemployability of the vast majority of young people in the labour market. So many young people are being unable to be absolved into the labour market. It is no surprise that many young people are frustrated and unemployed today. Statistics abounds that South Africa is facing a real crisis to the stability of our democracy as a result of lack of skills and progress among the youth.

The economy of the future requires young people to be ready for the fourth industrial revolution. We are clearly not doing well at all in this regard. We are not doing well in building capacity in terms of climate change and the need to focus on the environment empowerment to deal with the risks of today and the future.

A COPE government will ensure that we take lessons and follow the example of those schools in the IEB system to make sure that we produce best candidates for the the higher education system and beyond. This is what will make our economy sustainable for the future. END-

Issued by Congress of the People.

National Spokesperson of COPE
Dennis Bloem

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