PAC Congratulates the Class of 2018. Bravo!!!

The Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) notes and welcome matric examination results of the special class of 2018. We are impressed to see young people so determined and we can see that through the figures published by the media.

The PAC further sympathise with those Africans who did not make it, we are saying that it’s not the end of your career. It is usual that we both take a trip but the arrival time for all of us will differ according to our capabilities. Our destiny is one, it is to shine and realise our dreams while making difference in our own country and the world respectively.

The PAC support the call for the annexed education system of both IEB and NSC into a solo system because our country prescribes to unitary system which means that we have a common vision as a country. We cannot have two separate education system in a single country. Our children should not be punished for their financial or economic misfortunes. Education is a fundamental birthright which should be accessed by everyone despite their social standing.

We are calling for accelerated access into higher education and training institutions. We are hoping that our children will not be coerced into waging a war such as #FeesMustFall , we expect our kids to be allowed to learn and train in their respective fields of study.

We are also calling for SA National Defence Force (SANDF) to widen their gates so that many young people can join to service their own country, youth should not be denied an opportunity to be involved in patriotic activities. We are saying that those who want to be part of the police force should be allowed to do that.

The PAC expects the ministries of economic development and trade industries to mentor and support young people who have a passion to be entrepreneurs. We have a duty to clean our street corners and get rid of drugs and alcohol but we can only do that through involving our young people into daily economic activities which will respond to problems of unemployment, hunger and many other social ills.

While we are praising the class of 2018, we are also calling for a redefined system of education which will directly respond to the needs of the people of this country. We must also draw distinction between quality and quantity, we must value the latter than the former. We don’t think that we have to undermine our potential young people by setting 30% as the pass rate, it has to be above 50% because it will assist them when they reach institutions of higher learning and training, we won’t see rapid/growing drop-out rates in our universities and colleges.

We wish the class of 2018 well in their future endeavours. They have really worked and displayed their hunger to learn.

Comradely yours,
Kenneth Mokgatlhe
PAC Spokesperson

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