Mosiuoa Lekota leads the race of the president of the party. The innovative Cope Member Mpho Mosia’s battle for One Member One Vote (OMOV) will be implemented in this congress, where all party member cast a vote.

Congress of the people (COPE) will hold its second National Congress over this weekend in Bloemfontein.

Remember that this party of the future is only 10 years old. It is not a dinosaur.

We have committed to place the control of the party directly in the hands of the members. They must never be beholden to slates, factions or leadership strongman/woman. They must exercise their rights freely and in a true democratic manner.

COPE is now introducing the REAL “One Member One Vote” in the South African political landscape. True democracy for members.

No other party has done this. They vote for their party leaders in the comfort of their own homes or business.

Using technology like SMS they can kill the monster of slates or factions.

We are building for the future. We are introducing innovative policies.

Pakes Dikgetsi, Congress of the people

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