President Ramaphosa must come clean about what he knows about the brazen looting by and through BOSASA at least since he assumed the Office of Deputy President – Mosiuoa Lekota


Introductory Points

• The second (2nd) National Congress of the People has successfully concluded its business of policy development and election of new national leadership collective.
• The party has been reinvigorated and renewed to play a more effective role in society and to be the the home for ALL South Africans. We are the party of the future. 
• Our leadership collective has been given a new mandate and responsibility to grow the party and cement its role as an alternative party of government for all South Africans.
• We call on all those voters who have otherwise lost confidence in the party political system and are thus not participating in elections to give COPE their vote because of our commitment to serve the people without expecting any personal rewards.
• This Congress has shown South Africans that COPE is a stable party. Its leaders and members have one common believe which is to serve the people. We have slayed the monster of factionalism and slates which has become a common feature in most political parties. The use of modern technology has enabled the members of the party to elect their leaders directly from the comfort of their individual spaces. Our policies were determined by the use of technology to eradicate manipulation of policy formulation.


• The introduction of modern technology may have led to the imbalances in the gender and youth representation in the CNC. This is a matter which must be urgently addressed by the CNC, as the highest authority in between Congresses. Our next Extra Ordinary Congress will certainly be seized with this matter in order to redress. COPE is unwavering in its commitment to gender and youth representation. 
• The next project is organisation building and consolidation is the building of Municipal Constituencies throughout the length and breadth of the country. This is an urgent matter in order to strengthen the party. The CNC must urgently provide guidelines and process for the unfolding of this critical function.


• The horror revelations of corruption and state capture at the Zondo vindicates the positions COPE took since it’s formation. We were right and our opponents were wrong. History will continue to absolve COPE from the destruction of state institutions and the betrayal of the 1994 promise of economic justices, democracy, reconciliation and nation building. We were right to warn in 2008 that our country was being taken in the wrong direction.
• The narrative that emerges at all Commisions of Inquiry like the previous Farlam Commission , the Nugent Commission, the present Zondo Commission and the coming PIC Commission is prove of the deep rooted rot that has become endemic. The Auditor General reports on wasteful, irregular and unauthorised expenditure that runs in excess of R60 billion shows an Executive of our government failing. Through acts of commission or omission they aided and abetted mismanagement and corruption.
• It is clear that the governing party is failing dismally. They have irreperably betrayed people’s trust in state institutions. 
• It is clear that they cannot be trusted with the management of the affairs of the nation 
• The time is NOW to vote them out of power as they are incorrigible nor redeemed.
• The time is NOW to work hard to elect men and women of integrity and who can be trusted.
• We must rededicate and commit ourselves to work hard to return our country to the constitutional route which was promised at the advent of our democracy in 1994. This is the only way to restore people’s confidence in our democracy and state institutions as well as to restore the moral fibre of the society which was seriously damaged in the past decade.
• An urgent camapign is to make sure that our parliament passes the COPE initiated amendments to the Electoral Act to have Public Representatives, President, Premier’s and Mayors directly elected by the people and not through the corrupted party system. In this way the people can hold them accountable and responsible directly.


Our State President has taken an Oath to lead ethically and in terms of the values and principles of our constitution one of which is accountability.

In the light of last week’s revelations by a witness at the Zondo Commission and specifically the BOSASA Horror Story:

• President Ramaphosa must come clean about what he knows about the brazen looting by and through BOSASA at least since he assumed the Office of Deputy President.
• Where were the state security agencies when such crimes were committed?
• If they they had done their jobs to whom did they report to in the Executive and if it was reported to whom and what they he/she do?
• Didn’t the state security agencies report to him since he assumed the Office of State President in February 2018?
• Since the Special Investigation Unit completed its investigation into Bosasa and handed their report to the the NPA in 2011 what is he going to do, as the current State President, to ensure the successful prosecution of the culprits?
We are in the process of consolidating the structures of our party, the renewal and growth of both membership and leadership to make it more effective and responsive to the needs of voters in order to make available for governance to serve all the people of South Africa.

We are aware that not all matters have been addressed by this Congress. As President of the Party, I committ myself on behalf of the CNC including all the membership of the party to grow it, further develop it and make it sustainable for posterity.

We want to make COPE the party of choice for all South Africans and make it an instrument for Hope, Fulfillment of dreams for better better and Prosperity for all.

Let’s go out here and camapign hard in the coming elections to win the hearts and minds of South Africans in order for them to give us a stronger voice in parliament and legislatures.


By President of COPE, Mosiuoa Lekota

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