I have an Audio recording were the racist Angelo Agrizzi calls his former colleagues Kaffirs – Pinky Khoabane

The war between Angelo Agrizzi, Adriaan Basson and Pinky Khoabane is very old. Could Angelo Agrizzi be shielding Adriaan Basson.

On Thursday last week, we received a letter from Adriaan Basson’s lawyers demanding we bring down the article on his alleged proximity to the racist Angelo Agrizzi who, in an authenticated audio recording, calls his former colleagues kaffirs and mentions Basson as among his alleged media people he could control. The lawyer’s letter followed questions we asked Basson following another recording in which Bosasa’s former chief financial officer Andries van Tonder puts forward a proposal to Gavin Watson’s children to have a take-over of the company in which Watson and the Black directors are removed and  replaced by Agrizzi as ceo.

In the discussion, the question that arises is how the markets would perceive Agrizzi as ceo given all the negative press he has generated on the company. Van Tonder reads from a piece of paper purportedly written by Agrizzi and on his company letterhead, in which it is stated that Agrizzi would speak to the media “AB (Adriaan Basson)” to back off.

I requested from our readers donations towards paying the legal fees to respond to Basson’s lawyers and sadly only a handful responded – not anywhere near to covering legal fees.

We have therefore pulled-down this article until we generate enough donations to address the matter legally.

There are several points Basson’s lawyers made the demands to retract the article. I wouldnt want to get into them before speaking to a lawyer but I believe the story to be in the public interest. As I’ve said in previous articles, I have no problem with Basson exposing the corruption at Bosasa, my issue is when whites, racists at that, who’ve been in a company for years spanning almost 18 years, think having used the Blacks for purposes of getting government tenders, can boot them out using their proximity to the media and opposition parties to expose the alleged corruption they’ve been a part of.

By Pinky Khoabane, published on the 24th of October 2018.

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