White people never stole land -COPE

Congress of the people believes that White people never stole the land in South Africa, it is government that dispossessed Black people of their land and not White people. COPE opposes expropriation of land without compensation passionately and will not stand idle When land is taken from Whites to Blacks.

Where did whites buy the land from:

we need to deal with the merits of the case one by one. Let us not generalize. I say so because, not every property owned by White people in this country was acquired in the same way. How ever, records relating to purchase of land are kept at deeds office. Also, the SA Achives has kept records of what happened to land for many years.

You will realize that other than the 1913 land Act that saw vast tract of land put under, white administration, we also had Mfecani and defecani where African tribes where displaced in wars in search for greener pastures.
Again, I want to state that when government takes the land as it was the case in 1913, why do we say “whites” took the land.

Majority of the land that government took in 1913 remained in the hands of government untill the democratic order took over in 1994. So that land that was taken by the “white” government in 1913 is now in the hands of “Black” government today. COPE acknowledges that there are people whose land was taken from them throughout history. Section 25 of the constitution as it is today allow for restitution of land. We agree to that and we support a y land reform that is done in a logical and fair manner.

Remember the land was not taken by individual people from its rightful owners. It was taken by government. So, if there is anyone to be held accountable, it is government itself. Unfortunately, the government is now black and it has to be held accountable because when it took over in 1994, it took everything from the previous government as “a going concern”.

Now this government my make right what the pdeveous government did. Do it in accordance with the constitution. Equitable compensation is not only fair but it is a right thing to do.

COPE does support land expropriation in public interest with the proviso that equitable compensation is given to the current owner. 

Perhaps the only difference with those who makes deafenining din about the land question is :

(1). When you inplement the land expropriation program, you should do so as directed in Section 25 of the current constitution.

Our protagonists say that start by changing the. O stutution so that you can expropriate without compensation.

We say no to changing the constitution. We say that look at history of how did an individual get the land in the first place, Look at what is the land used for.

Look at how much development and improvements where made and compensate accordingly. It may be at some properties, after evaluation and considering the pints stated above zero compensation will be made without interfering with the letter and spirit of the constitution.

Secondly, when you give people land, you must also give them full rights of tenure with tittle deeds. We are opposed to this thing of land going to the state and people leasing from state. If you do that, you will be subjecting most blacks to double dispossession. ( Or call it double jeopardy for lack of better word) .

The land was first taken from us under white colonial rule counting back from 1913 and subsequent years. Now in 2019, the black government is busy crafting law that will take land from our hands again and put it under the state control (if what EFF advocates sees the day). No one will own the land. Black and white

We all going to lease. “Re tlile go ba bahiri” in the land of our forefathers.
Aowa banna!

Nkwane Nkwane, Congress of the People

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