After a detailed briefing by Mr. Mosiuoa Lekota on Mr. Ramaphosa’s cooperation with the apartheid operatives, Mr. Malema has concluded that the matter needs further interrogation

Dear President,

During lhe Stale of the Nation Address (SONA) Debate on the 13th of February 2019, the President of the Congress of the People (COPE) Honourable Patrick Mousioa Lekola illustrated during his input that in the period 1972 and 1974, you collaborated with the apartheid Special Branch Unit In activities that exempted you from Imprisonment.

In our subsequent interaction with him, he further illustrated that there exists sworn statements and affidavits that confirm your collaboration with apartheid Special Branch.

There are obviously attempts from Members of your political party to dispute the fact that you collaborated with the apartheid government to the sacrifice of Freedom Fighters.

We believe that these are serious allegations, and one which should be tested through a Judicial Commission of Inquiry. Since the allegations involve you, we write to request that you should allow the Chief Justice to recommend a Judge for a Judicial Commission of Inquiry to investigate whether you collaborated with lhe apartheid Special Branch.

We emphasise that the head of the Judicial Commission should be recommended by the Chief Justice because there is already a judicial precedence where the Chief Justice recommended Judge Zondo to chair the State Capture Commission of Inquiry.

This matter is of national importance and it will be travesty of Justice because an important office such as that of a President should never have questionable aspects, especially of this nature about i t.

We believe that in the interest of transparency, the President will take this request into consideration.


Julius Sello Malema

The President and Commander in Chief

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