Terror Lekota’s false flag operation.

In a political debate a man who is forming a judgment is making a decision about his own vital interests, there is therefore, no need to prove anything except that facts are what the supporter of a measure maintains they are.”

The above quotation of Aristotle in his “The art of rhetoric” should have been enough to settle the false flag raised by Lekota but because of its expediency it is necessary to pierce a little bit deeper as a forensic specialist would in order to distinguish the non essentials from the essentials.

A story about 1974, when i was three years old, and as it is now, already old enough to begin to pack my bags and make way for a new generation of activists, can only be understood as a story of self perpetuation and self aggrandizement.

Bra Charles Nqakula in his book, “The People’s war, reflections of an ANC cadre” , makes a point about how Cde Alfred Nzo lost out on becoming SG in 1991 due to a speech he delivered in Lusaka which was the right speech ( for the NEC elected in Kabwe) but delivered to the wrong audience ( MK cadres in Lusaka) .

If such a legendary figure and a freedom fighter par excellence could not be elected as SG in 1991 and instead a junior activist who was still in his early thirties, then the elevation of that young activist should have carried a measure of political weight.

On the sheer balance of probabilities and given what Bra Charles says of how the legendary Baphethuxolo Alfred Nzo lost out, it is then possible to surmise that equally Cyril Ramaphosa’s election as Secretary General would not have been an easy one.

Not an easy one given that the most popular candidate was Bra Stof who thought it wise to decline in favor of a senior comrade which was not to be.

The 1991 conference was a gathering of the best activists of the movement – a coming together of a powerful arsenal of various generations of activists, it could never have been easy for any activist to be elected.

So intense was the rivalry and jostling for positions that even a Chris Hani or Thabo Mbeki could make it as top six members.

The question to Terror Lekota and his adherents is how does Ramaphosa get elected to such a high position which Nzo could not, when the ANC was at its most vigilant politically and under conditions were its best cadres had assembled.

And secondly, why did Lekota not point out or raise the flag of the spy activities when Ramaphosa appointed him to the position of head of intelligence and displaced the incumbent JZ.

Terror Lekota makes a dangerous statement against a sitting President in the safe net of political privilege, he knows perfectly well that statements of such a nature must be probed meticulously for them to have any currency, but in a seeming deal with the Eff the allegations would then be given political currency in a clear attempt to discredit the President in the eyes of the electorate, although evidence thus far suggests that Lekota might not make it back to Parliament.

Then why make such serious and spurious allegations?

Many of the leaders in our body politic has long ago reached their sell by date and thus the answer might be found in the old age political trick of self perpetuation and aggrandizement.

The old wisdom that continually seek to perpetuate and treacherously embed itself in our current body politic must be eschewed and rejected with the contempt they deserve.

The fact that stories of this nature have been peddled before does not seem to stymie their continued peddling, not even the public humiliation of that veteran of operation vula, when he leveled same allegations against Ngcuka, could deter the former chief of intelligence of the ANC.

Mr Terror Lekota worships the grounds on which Madba walks, he generally sees himself as the modern day reincarnation of Madiba and would go on and on on how Madiba would have addressed himself to modern day political developments, some of the uninitiated in his party, who joined politics in 2009 would cry when he relates stories of how he learnt from Madba on the island – of course this was always a sanitized version.

A sanitized version, because there was also his cell mate and who was much senior than him, who would always contradict Mr Lekota’s version of events, of course he was hounded out and his presence was always questioned.

It is not the first time that allegations of this nature are peddled by Comrades against each other, but what surprised all of us was the timing of Mr Lekota, he has opted against using his four minutes to at least offer a powerful rebuttal but instead chose to in a very disingenuous manner attempt to sully the reputation of the President.

History is cruel and it will surely judge him in a very negative light, as a grumbling old man who has overstayed his welcome in the benches of our democratic parliament.

By Fezile Kies

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