South Africa’s multi party democracy a world of possibilities. A total of 48 political parties to contest 2019 elections

African Security Congress
African Alliance of Social Democrats
African Christian Democratic Party
African Congress of Democrats
African Content Movement
African Covenant
African Democratic Change
African Independent Congress
African National Congress
African Renaissance Unity Party
African Transformation Movement
Agang South Africa
Al Jama-ah
Alliance for Transformation for All
Azanian People’s Organisation
African People’s Convention
Better Residents Association
Black First Land First
Capitalist Party of South Africa
Christian Political Movement
Compatriots of South Africa
Congress of the People
Democratic Alliance
Democratic Liberal Congress
Economic Emancipation forum
Economic Freedom Fighters
Forum for Service Delivery
Free Democrats
Front National
Independent Civic Organisation of South Africa
Inkatha Freedom Party
International Revelation Congress
Land Party
Minority Front
National Freedom Party
National People’s Ambassadors
National People’s Front
Pan Africanist Congress of Azania
Patriotic Alliance
People’s Revolutionary Movement
Power of Africans Unity
Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party
South African Maintenance and Estate Beneficiaries Association
South African National Congress of Traditional Authorities
United Democratic Movement
Vryheid Front+
Women Forward

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