STOP BBBEE and Affirmative Action – COPE

BEE and AA are discriminatory policies

BEE and AA are discriminatory policies which have been used as red herrings to enrich the politically connected elite while misleading the majority into believing their time will come soon.

COPE is adamant these policies are the catalyst of corruption and completely unconstitutional while nurturing a parasitic culture, without contributing to sustainable economic growth.

COPE believes in Community Economic Empowerment; investing in education by providing quality programmes which identify and cultivate talent and skills at an early stage. We aim to ensure children have access to quality modern education up to university level while encouraging and supporting innovation and creativity.

COPE will help all communities to embark upon job creation activities, and the state will assist SMMEs with access to both domestic and international markets.

By providing equal opportunity, COPE will create skilled and empowered citizens who can create jobs for ALL South Africans.

Congress of the People (COPE)

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