A call for the establishment of a constitutional forum by “Fair and Equitable Society NPC”.

The call is brought about by various troubling events in the country. Some of these events have given us reason to believe that our judiciary may be in danger of infiltration by political agendas.

We call for a pro-active approach to safe guard our constitutional democracy. We call for the Establishment of a constitutional forum.

1.         With the hindsight of legislative impunity that characterized the years of apartheid rule, legislators of the post-apartheid era were sufficiently wise to establish a watchdog to guard them, against themselves.

2.         Thus far, the watchdog has exceeded expectations in how it has discharged its functions, and thereby entrenched the project of constitutionalism, such that none will dare dream of a return of the unconscionable crime of apartheid.

3.         As we take our turn to bow in admiration and decorate the watchdog with accolades, we should equally and frankly engage our energies and collective efforts to caution the watchdog against errand ways.

4.         None of us command the individual ability, let alone the wisdom, to single handedly build skyscraping fences to seclude the watchdog against impermissible penetration.

5.         However, the least that we can do is to sit around a table and talk about the need to insulate the watchdog against unsavory contamination, by those whose faces none can fathom, notwithstanding that we know they exist.

6.         Please treat the request with the urgency it requires, not because the watchdog has been infiltrated or that it is exposed, but because we ought to have had this conversation 25 years ago.


Sefu P. Sekgala


Fair and Equitable Society

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