Statement on Tito Mboweni’s appointment of Ranjeni Munusamy

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni is the primary custodian and guardian of the integrity of the National Treasury. He should always act in a manner that sets the example to the rest of government in probity, clean government and ethical standards.

In this context, the appointment of Ms Ranjeni Munusamy in the Office of the Minister is unwise and ill-considered. The appointment should be reversed until such time as the allegations Ms Munusamy faces have been properly tested and aired.

This appointment has, for the first time, brought allegations of state capture corruption into the heart of the Treasury. Ms Munusamy has not been charged or tried for the allegations she faces. 

However, they are of a serious and credible nature, and her explanation of events is so suspicious – that it would have been better not to make this appointment until such time and if she has been cleared of all accusations.

The DA urges Minister Mboweni to reverse Munusamy’s appointment.

We have also submitted parliamentary questions to determine the job description and key performance areas of a “community outreach officer”, level of pay, and what process was followed in making the appointment.

Issued by Geordin Hill-Lewis MP – DA Shadow Minister of Finance

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