Read former President JG Zuma’s full letter to ANC’s top 6.

Comrades, today you have come to me seeking to show that I am wrong in not going to the state capture commission charged by deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo.

You come under the pretext of sympathy to me and to convince me to testify before the commission.

Basically, this meeting is not about the issues I have raised, which should concern you, but a public show aimed at displaying to forces external to the ANC so that you can rein me in.

It is not that you have sympathy for me. This is part of your ruse in the public’s eye. In the more recent years, the ANC has never protected me as I faced unjustified attacks that I assisted the Guptas capture the state. You know very well that is not true, but you left the narrative run along.

You have looked the other way as I was being attacked and some of my own comrades made and continue to attack me and my work as [former] president of RSA through the narrative of nine wasted years.

I have never enjoyed a single day of freedom. My woes and freedom started soon after the dawn of democracy. Since then, I was to be a permanent target and scapegoat of forces internal and external to our movement.

My own comrades worked to oust me and even worked with the opposition to remove an ANC president from parliament – something that was unprecedented. To this day, I do not understand what led to this. I asked some of you, what was it that I had done wrong for me to deserve to be pushed out of this position before the term ended.

I am entitled in terms of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa to hold and express views, opinions and beliefs about the judiciary. I am entitled to freedom of conscience and it is my right to conscience that I refuse to participate in the judicial process that appears to lack the attributes of independence. “Its no longer just Zondo, the Constitutional court itself has become biased.”

” I am not prepared to be buried alive”.

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