Society Masquerading as Victors, Deceived by their own Leaders – Sefu sekgala

I want to advice President Cyril Ramaphosa to pardon former President Jacob Zuma. It is simply exhausting to have a leader like Jacob Zuma in jail. Let Zuma go and spend the remaining years of his life with his family.

“If a nation wants to be deceived, let it be deceived! Through this way, they will learn the truth after many deceptions and pains! Truth and time are the greatest teachers, they are the greatest instructors!” – Mehmet Murat ildan

What happened at the CODESA Negotiations

Mehmet Murat Ildan speaks of the stages we continue to face after accepting deceit from our leaders who claimed victory from the CODESA negotiations. As a nation a bandage was used to heal a wound thus deceiving South Africa and her people on a “victory” that was merely cosmetic.   Majority of South Africans never benefitted from those negotiations because there is no victory in reclaiming stolen and dispossessed resources and freedoms without any form of developmental recourse.

We, South Africans, willingly accepted and celebrated the “victory” without realising the brutal defeat of the outcomes of the CODESA negotiations. The victors gladly accepted “defeat” knowing that they have acquired all prices of a victor. Like Angel Moreira puts it: “[d]eceiving yourself is a gateway to harming your future self.” We are for that reason living a very harmful and poisonous future because we have forgotten our own pretence and are now living it as truth, yet are surprised at the turmoil that follows.

There is a reason why we lost the CODESA negotiations and pretended that we emerged victorious. Apart from complex psychological reasons, I believe that the strategic application of the science of politics by FW De Klerk and his team influenced the outcomes. Whereas the team lead by Nelson Mandela was negotiating for Unity, Freedom and Peace; the team lead by FW De Klerk was at war to attain both political and economic power. It is clear that to some extent Nelson Mandela achieved Unity, Freedom and Peace because the transition to democracy was not attained through civil war. However, it is also true that FW De Klerk’s team, without any doubt, maintained political and economic power. The ANC was given the right to administer the politics of the country and therefore the right to dispense patronage.

One of the clearest signs illustrating a loss at the CODESA negotiations is the failure to negotiate for free quality education for the Black child which will place the Black child in a position to participate competitively in the post-1994 economy. However, we managed to sneak in dependency benefits like free housing and government grants. I do not think that this was the ANC’s intention, but I do believe that De Klerk and his team tricked the ANC into this.

It does not surprise me that former President Nelson Mandela only served one term and stepped aside stating that the challenges South Africa face needed young and energetic leaders. In hindsight, Mandela saw that he led a losing team at the CODESA negotiations and that what he thought he “won” was already there. As such, the ANC did not acquire political power and I know that this statement might confuse most people. The fact is that political power in South Africa does not lie in the vote, but its seat is in South Africa’s judiciary. He who has influence on the judiciary holds South Africa’s political power.

How fair is South Africa’s Judiciary?

The South African judiciary is not limited in the intervention of the decisions of both the Executive and the Parliament of South Africa. Sometimes law makers are directed by the judiciary to change laws already signed by the Cabinet and the President. That for me is political power.

We simply vote in people for political administration and dispensation of patronage. Basically we elect people whose main role is to act as a buffer between the majority of South Africans and those who hold political and economic power. The main role of the ANC is that of a security guard for White monopoly capitalists and their subjects, nothing more. Those who were involved in the CODESA negotiations cannot bring themselves to the fact that they lost that negotiation. They continue to pretend that we won. It is this pretence that worries me and makes me think that it is possible that the trust put into those leaders by their people was sold to the highest bidder, but I would like to be more positive than that.

The leading figures from that negotiation who are still alive are Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma, Cyril Ramaphosa, and Kgalema Motlanthe to name just a few but there are many more still alive. These leaders have been selling us a false victory, and this stance has left many of our people in poverty and despair.

Our people now look at our democracy and constitution with serious suspicion. It does not surprise me that our people would support people who are labelled as corrupt because deep down our people know that both our constitution and democracy were founded on grand corruption. Black people were sacrificed for this democratic dispensation. That is why there is always money for matters that affect broader society, but there is never funds for issues that affect only the Black majority.

It is up to the leaders mentioned above to come clean and admit that they have lost in a big way. If they go to the grave with this truth, the Black majority will suffer for an exceedingly long time. Because of the pretence of victory, both our democracy and constitution are illegitimate and are founded on lies and deceit.

If you interrogate the equal application of laws across all races you realise that there is a grave inconsistency with the Black majority bearing the brunt. The engagement of law without jurisprudential considerations is a dangerous rhetoric, especially since because legal representation is very expensive. On paper we are equal before the law but this assumption is misleading. Firstly, to be equal we must all have access to competent legal representation which is not possible due to the high cost of legal representation. The Black Pretenders who masquerade victory and their subjects always tell us about the supremacy of our constitution, but they do nothing about the majority of South Africans that the constitution cannot reach.

Where did the ANC go wrong?

The following statement from the permeable of the constitution is exclusive of over 60% of South Africans:

“To heal the divisions of the past and establish a society based on democratic values, social justice and fundamental human rights”.

“Lay the foundations for a democratic and open society in which government is based on the will of the people and every citizen is equally protected by law;”

Many Black South Africans experience social injustice every day and their fundamental human rights bridged daily due to indignity, examples include pit toilets, lack of sanitation and many other things compromising the dignity of the poor which remain unaddressed in democratic South Africa. It is not possible for every citizen to be equally protected by law, legal representation is too expensive for this to happen. The entire Chapter 2 of the constitution does not apply to the majority of South Africans. We must ask the question “Who does this constitution serve?”.

The constitution is a contract between the White Monopoly Capitalists, their subjects and the Guardians of the White Monopoly Capitalists. The Guardians of White Monopoly Capitalists include the ANC and Black agents of White Monopoly Capitalists outside of the ANC. All we need is for our elders to come clean about the CODESA negotiation so that society can decide on a way forward. If they die with the truth the Black community will be left in limbo for an exceedingly long time.

I must admit that former President Thabo Mbeki tried to technically reverse the CODESA loss, but I think he did not communicate his strategy sufficiently to the ANC. By running the South African economy efficiently and uniting Africa through advancing African prosperity, the former President’s strategy was visionary and those who hold South Africa’s political and economic power knew this. The former President was not only removed by the ANC, but his removal was also fuelled from the echelons of those who hold political and economic power in South Africa. At first sight they were happy with the replacement of former President Jacob Zuma until they discovered the Guptas and were threatened by the competition from the Guptas.

The alliance of Gwede Mantashe, Cyril Ramaphosa, Tokyo Sexwale, Mathews Phosa, Julius Malema, Blade Nzimande, Sdumo Dlamini and many others in the removal of former President Thabo Mbeki and in support of former President Jacob Zuma was the second biggest crime committed against Black South Africans, if not the biggest. At the time former President Jacob Zuma faced a huge list of corruption charges and was accused of rape of the late Khwezi. The people mentioned earlier saw it fit that a person with multiple pending cases replace former President Thabo Mbeki. The biggest political error that is still eroding the ANC to this day.

It is not that these leaders did not know that former President Jacob Zuma was not fit to be a President of the country since they knew him well. Instead, they used former President Jacob Zuma as a step ladder to the echelons of political patronage in South African politics. As soon as they realised that he was not as useful as they thought they diched him immediately. Every person today advocating for the incarceration of former President Jacob Zuma used him to advance their own political and personal careers. These are the same people who are unable to stand with him on his requests to be treated with some level of dignity.

The former President’s request for DCJ Zondo to recuse himself was fair and his request should have been afforded. I know that many people are happy that former President Jacob Zuma is jailed and see that as a victory for the so-called constitutional democracy. What they do not realise is that this is done by eroding the constitutional court. When DCJ Zondo was not happy with former President Jacob Zuma’s conduct he referred the matter to his own court, the constitutional courts where some of his closest colleagues can rule on the matter on urgent basis despite lack of urgency. DCJ Zondo’s colleagues granted their senior DCJ Zondo all his requests therefore jailing former President Jacob Zuma. They could have simply referred the matter to another court that would be suited to deal with the matter. The court appointed DCJ Zondo as CJ the day Zuma lodged his rescindment application. If the system cannot be fair to the worst of us, how can it ever be fair?

The abuse of the Constitutional Court in political battles is an extremely dangerous move. If the constitutional court can just break the rule as it wishes, what precedence is it setting for future constitutional court judges, and for future political opportunists. By arresting former President Jacob Zuma through a questionable judicial process, the constitutional court has reserved a jail cell for both President Cyril Ramaphosa and DCJ Zondo. They have paved a way of taking short cuts in handing down judgements. The ring leaders in the removal of former President Thabo Mbeki may both end up in jail.

I want to advice President Cyril Ramaphosa to pardon former President Jacob Zuma. It is simply exhausting to have a leader like Jacob Zuma in jail. Let Zuma go and spend the remaining years of his life with his family.

By Sefu Sekgala

2 thoughts on “Society Masquerading as Victors, Deceived by their own Leaders – Sefu sekgala”

  1. Zuma has to remain in prison so we can get on with this. President Ramaphosa is a meek and humble man. He’ll get there there and is changing things as they come to the forefront. 🧡


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