Lynne Brown
I welcome the Board’s decision to launch a comprehensive and holistic audit into the matters as highlighted – Lynne Brown


Ideology of race representivity, which has seriously harmed Eskom, could also cause irreparable harm to other government departments, municipalities and businesses – Dr Dirk Hermann



Xolani Qubeka
Road to SA’s radical economic transformation is far and elusive – Xolani Qubeka


RW Johnson
Voters know perfectly well that the roads and railways were better maintained under apartheid, as was the electricity system, and as was law and order – RW Johnson



3 thoughts on “Home”

  1. i think its time for sdumo dlamini to swallow his pride n resign he does not hv the qualities of a leader he and his allies are driven by greed, they are pushing the mandate of capitalist the likes of ramaphosa, gwede mantashe, blade nzimande etc. they all hv shares in these key companies they will do whatever is in their power to protect their profits even if it means destroy a revolutionary cosatu and replace it with ja bass! organisation led by this cloun who even wipe snote in his nose, ppl devoted their blood n sweat to form lombutho!


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