ANC congratulates DBE for successful back to school – ANC

ANCThe African National Congress congratulates the Department of Basic Education at all levels on their state of readiness for the first day back at school for the inland provinces. Throughout the morning today, we have witnessed signs of an Education Department that is not only committed in word to the education of learners but demonstrates in deed their unwavering determination to quality and excellence in education. Except for the extremely undesirable situation in Malamulele, Limpopo Province, the first day back at school has been orderly, with schools throughout the country ready with the necessary personnel and infrastructure to commence with learning and teaching. The ANC calls upon all South Africans to make education a societal priority and support our schools in their endeavours. We also encourage learners to dedicate themselves to their schools, study hard and make the most of the opportunity towards a better life presented before them.

The ANC further wishes to specifically acknowledge and appreciate the innovation in education that is the Smart Schools Project being spearheaded by the Gauteng Department of Education in partnership with the Gauteng Department of Infrastructure Development. This project of modernisation catapults education in public schools into the digital age by creating paperless environments where the chalkboard, chalk and paper based learning and teaching materials become relics of the past. We call upon the learners, educators and communities to jealously guard these assets which are the windows to greater knowledge and opportunity.

Issued by ANC

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