Lukhona MnguniI have been looking at these Private Schools projections. Hilton College would cost about R500 000 in 2030, Roedean School for Girls some R434 000 and so on and so forth. Some people are already beginning to save towards this reality. There is something that boggles the mind here, the amounts look massive. I’m not even going to start planning around these figures partly because:

1) The amount is ridiculously high, I would rather have kids go to a quality public school and save the rest of the money to their future investments.

2) These schools create bubbles of the worst socioeconomic inequality in our society, where kids of the well off are motivated to be in the same circles, locked away from those who are less privileged in society.

3) Most (if not all) of these schools are single sex schools. I’m dead against single sex schools to a point I feel there should be a campaign to abolish them. They are unconstitutional in my view as they promote separate development for girls and boys. They encourage a specific environment that suits boys and another that suits girls, doing away with the spirit of building a nonsexist South Africa. You lock up your child in an environment of a single sex school somewhere in the Midlands of KZN, having interaction with girls on holidays for five years. No. I want my children to know it’s normal to sit next to a girl or boy and be challenged by them in the classroom in a respectful and intellectual manner.

By Lukhona Mnguni

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