ANCThe African National Congress has learned with sadness the passing of a giant and leader of our people Comrade Jacob Sello Selebi following a long illness.

Comrade Selebi has been a long standing member of the African National Congress and the ANCYL. He has served both in the NEC if the ANC and had been the Chairperson of the ANC`s Youth Section which he represented at the World Federation of Democratic Youth for four years. He served as NEC member for 23 years.

As an NEC member he was Chairperson of the Welfare Department. His commitment to the liberation of our people had been his obsession which accounted for his unquestionably and undivided contribution.

Comrade Selebi emerged as one the individuals who embodied a singular focus of ensuring that South Africa becomes an example of a country that could occupy its place amongst nations. He served as Member of Parliament for the term of the democratic government under President Mandela. In the post apartheid South Africa he served as the Permanent representative of the country at the United Nations. He was Chairperson of the Human Rights Commission United Nations, he was Chair of the Anti-land-mine Conference, he later became the Director General of Foreign Affairs.

In 2002 he was Vice President of Interpol in the African Region, In 2004 he became the President of Interpol which he served for a four year term. Comrade Selebi also served as the National Commissioner of the South African Police Service.

As we close the chapter of his life we are opening the chapter of his legacy which will inspire generations to come to serve this nation with loyalty and steadfastness. The ANC will continue to pursue the noble ideals and the society that Comrade Jackie gave of his entire life to achieve. We dip our revolutionary banner in honor of this outstanding revolutionary. We convey our condolences to the family and kin at this difficult moment. His spirit and legacy will live on.

Issued by ANC


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  1. which spirit and legacy is this ? the bribe taking one ? That certainly lives on in the ANC and the police



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