DSC_0222Tomorrow we are likely to see the State of the Nation Address of its own kind.

We have seen parliament transformed since the formation of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

Most of us have been cheering the EFF. We have been impressed that, no MP has been caught napping in parliament since EFF graced the doors of parliament.

The question I have asked myself again and again is, Is parliament the correct platform to fight political battles? In the light of the fact that, the makeup of parliament Is by votes. The fact is that no single MP has been appointed by the President.

I fully agree with those who have expressed a view that President Jacob Zuma must account. I agree with that. Is there a way we can make him account without burning our own house?

I believe that parliament must maintain its integrity and dignity even if the President is a questionable character. I would rather go with those who use courts to ensure that parliament is not abused.

We must ask ourselves a simple question: What are the majority ANC MPs thinking when parliament is brought into chaos? What if ANC MPs retaliate and ensure that no member of EFF is ever given chance to speak in parliament.

Note that ANC MP’s are the custodians of Parliament, The Speaker of Parliament is an ANC member.

If the Parliament collapses into chaos then ANC fails. Then who succeeds? No one.

I for one do not believe that ANC will rule forever. What happens if EFF wins the next elections by a narrow margin?

What do you think ANC MPs will treat parliament once they are no longer the custodians of parliament? What if the chaos by EFF in parliament is reduced to a child’s play when ANC becomes opposition?

Can we really afford for the parliament to be weakened by intense political battles? What legacy would we be creating for ourselves?

Why don’t we take the battle outside parliament to critical service delivery points?

The weakness of our opposition parties has always been a focus on the executive. The EFF has taken it further by focusing on parliament.

When the EFF started I was really impressed by their focus in communities. EFF was always there when there was a challenge of some sort in communities across South Africa. What happened to that winning strategy? A focus on the people. Why can’t the EFF continue fighting for the community and lobbying parliament to pass legislation that is pro-people?

Am of the opinion that Julius Malema is a competent politician. When he puts his mind on something he really outdo himself.

When Julius Malema went to parliament I was really worried that EFF will lose media attention and may disappear from public discourse. I thought that parliament will consume this young leader and turn him into a mute.

When Julius Malema went to parliament, EFF stopped its community focused programs and focused on parliament.

Parliament is a people’s house and must be respected as such. If you want to dictate to parliament, then win the votes. If you feel parliament is abused then use our courts to put it in line.

Wanna fight? Let’s take it out of the people’s house to the streets.

Article by Sefu Sekgala


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  1. Also keep in mind, not one single member of parliament have been elected the electorate! They come off a list drawn up by the parties leaders, with the party leader having much influence, so in the case of the ANC I believe Zuma did to a very large extent appoint the MP’s for the ANC!


  2. 1stly I disagree with Frank Wepener. CODESA produce the proportional representation system that we have today. It’s been working for the last 20 years. Let’s get to the post, the writer is postulating a ‘private’ view on what he feels should be the Rules of engagement. It becomes a concern when ‘robust politics in the house’ are reduced to decorum; precedent & norms. There are No rules that specify how Parliamentarians should ‘rise on a point of order or the manner they should represent their constituency, apart from motions & debates. I am Not an EFF supporter but endorse the principles of the presiding officer/s exercising their mandated powers, in terms of the Rules, to regulate how Parliament operates. Let democracy take it’s course.


  3. Seemingly all focus is directed towards President Zuma not on how the ANC as a party in government performs. One wonders what wud happen shud ANC recall JZ. What will be the next target of EFF rather of its CIC


  4. To me the attacks are against the ANC. Not ZUMA. Mbeki was attacked the same way. Aids policy, Agliotti and Selebi, Conspiracies against his deputy, Aloofness…the list goes on. Is there a trend here? Good question. What happens after Zuma’s recall? We need to love our leaders and if we do that, we will support them where they falter. They cannot be perfect. And we definately need to be weary of our detractors so we keep our focus sharp on the real goal. The liberation of our people. The struggle continues….



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