Cope LogoCongress of the People wants to condemn the attack and robbery of Sabc reporters last night in the strongest possible terms.

When ordinary people are complaining and saying that crime is uncontrollable it sounds like Sunday school stories.

Congress of the People doesn’t have any doubt that last night’s public robbery of Mr Vuyo Mvoko and his colleagues in full view of television cameras, must have shocked millions of TV viewers. We must say we are very grateful that they are still alive. It could have been worse.

The Government is always in denial about crime and tell us that it is only the enemies of the country who want to paint a bad picture of the country.

The reality of the situation is that crime has reached crises proportions. If one opens a newspaper or look at news on television, crime is dominating the news. We can’t say journalists just manufactured the stories. Crime does not have any boundaries it affects all of us.

Congress of the People calls upon the police to leave no stone unturned before these monsters are behind bars. They are a danger to society.
Dennis Bloem
Cope Spokesperson

Issued by COPE


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