IFPAs we mark World Kidney Day, the IFP in KwaZulu-Natal calls on the KZN Provincial Department of Health to provide more universal healthcare facilities to needy patients to get proper access to treatment, considering the morbidity and mortality associated with chronic kidney disease.

“Smaller satellite treatment centres must be established to make dialysis more accessible, as South Africa is treating only about a third of the patients who need haemodialysis – a type of dialysis that can be done only at health care facilities. We need more units in many more places so that people, especially in the rural areas, will not have to travel far at great cost for treatment.

Considering the growing rate of kidney diseases, it is the government’s responsibility to provide universal healthcare services to our people. Many poor patients do not have easy access to proper treatment,” said IFP Spokesperson on Health, Mrs Ncamisile Nkwanyana, MPL.

“Kidney disease is a silent killer. The need of the hour is to have more kidney disease detection clinics and steps to arrest death due to kidney failure. The number of patients seeking dialysis is increasing day by day but the dialysis centres where patients could be treated are very few, leading to patients being turned away, only to die at home,” continued Mrs Nkwanyana.

“We are calling on society to drink more water and give a glass of water to their family members. This is a symbolic gesture and a conversation starter to raise awareness about the risks, dangers and burden of kidney diseases and how to prevent and treat it in a simpler manner across the country,” concluded Mrs Nkwanyana.

The IFP further calls on the people to register themselves as organ donors just to save lives for those in need of vital organs.

Issued by IFP


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