The SA Post Office (Sapo) no longer has automated letter sorting services because Siemens, having been unpaid for months on end, has lost patience and pulled out. SAPO is now resorting to sorting by hand. This is futile. Mail delivery is going to grind to a halt.

SAPO is essential to commerce in our country. If it cannot deliver mail on time, because of continuous bottlenecks in sorting mail, the situation will become untenable.

We have one of the largest and costliest governments in the world which ironically and incomprehensibly is presiding over the largest collapse of essential institutions in our country. Where is government as crisis follows on crisis?

Is anyone in government really and seriously concerned about SAPO and is anyone doing anything to address the worsening situation within that institution?

Does President Zuma know anything about what is going on at SAPO, or when challenged on this question, will he say he knew nothing about it and that nobody informed him of the ongoing crisis at the post office? His Teflon coating is working well for him but it is doing our country irreparable harm.

As with chronically ailing ESKOM, COPE maintains that the failed executives at all parastatals should be fired at once and experts appointed so that they can rescue these organisations. COPE notes that Pick & Pay was struggling a while ago but it is now challenging strongly in the marketplace because of a new leadership.

Naspers, because of its brilliant leadership, is blazing a trail of unparalleled success in South Africa and the continent. We need the right people at the top of our parastatals. The damage is too severe to persist with those who are failing us so horribly!

Issued by Dennis Bloem on behalf of COPE, Dennis Blaoem is COPE’s national spokes person


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