The leadership of the Economic Freedom Fighters in the province is pleased to witness the consistent growth of the organization in all regions of the province of KwaZulu Natal which is an outcome and a reflection of genuine and sustained unity and cohesion within the party post the Provincial Peoples’ Assembly which took place almost a month ago. The rapid and consistent growth is also a strong indication that EFF is not a small regionalist formation supported by a section of a particular tribe or ethnicity but a nationwide peoples movement that is certainly going to seize power and govern South Africa in the near future despite the wishes of detractors.

We are strongly disturbed by the widely reported incidents of violent attacks on fellow Africans who hail from other parts of the continent. EFF KZN rejects the notion that our brothers and sisters from the continent from be referred to as foreigners when they are inside the continent of Africa. This is more ridiculous when we note that people who came here by ship and committed genocide to violently take away the land from its rightful owners, the indigenous people, have been left to enjoy freely enjoy the legacy of their forefathers barbaric and savage acts of conquest. The attacks on fellow Africans are a strong reminder that we have an unfinished revolution in South Africa which must comprehensively resolve both land and national questions.

For the record the EFF KZN condemns contemptuously these attacks on fellow Africans and is clear that they are signal of misdirected anger that has piled up inside the still oppressed and exploited African majority and blacks in general in South Africa more than two decades into democracy. The ruling Africa National Congress has failed dismally to translate the socio- economic rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights of the constitution of the republic into practical lived experience where our people enjoy good quality lives, with adequate housing, decent jobs and free education.

To the contrary, poverty continues to have a colour and location in this country. It is African majority in the villages, townships and shack-dwellers on the outskirts of majority cities  who are the epitome of squalor, destitution and utter hopelessness. Condemned to chronic hunger, unemployment and misery our people are directing their anger to wrong people. It is not fellow Africans from the rest of the continent who disposed us of our land. It is not fellow Africans who control the commanding heights of the economy.

We strongly welcome the defacing and uprooting of all statues and other symbols of white domination and the genocides they committed before erecting those statues. We believe this is a program that is long overdue however we delighted it is now taking place and we are part of it and leading it in many instances. We are completely certain that statues of racist white dictatorship and mass murderers have no place in a democratic South Africa and expect progressive white citizens to support and participate in this program which we also interpret to be the beginning of the Black Cultural Revolution that should have taken place alongside the seizure of political power in 1994.

As part of our founding documents and 7 cardinal pillars the EFF KZN is delighted to announce that we are also driving the Land Occupation Program which was also part of the resolutions takes at our first National People’s Assembly in December last year. As a Fanonian party we take seriously the words of Frantz Fanon when he says , ‘ the first and most important thing for an oppressed people, not only because it gives food and shelter but also that it restores dignity, IS THE LAND’. Without the land we cannot truly liberate our people. Our minerals are in the land, beneath the soil.

The food is in the land. Houses will be built on the land. The industrial expansion and beneficiation of commodities will need manufacturing plants, factories and new cities to be built. All these activities without exception require the land. We are therefore saying we have already earmarked unused portion of land where we are already helping our people settle in.

We also note and warmly welcome the outcomes of the National Disciplinary Committee on the case of the group of three. The NDC decided to expel three national MPs of EFF who previously served on the Central Command Team, the highest decision making body of our organization in between national conferences. This is a reflection that nobody is above this glorious organization regardless of status and position within it. Through this decision we are also sending a very strong message that we are a highly disciplined Marxist-Leninist-Fanonian formation that has zero tolerance for anarchist behavior.

We note with grave concern the extent to-which SARS has degenerated such that it now moonlights as a branch of the ANC where strategies and tactics of persecuting and character- assassinating those deemed as a threat to the (fast dwindling) electoral hegemony of the ruling party. The Zuma administration has made a name for itself in crippling reputable state institutions into instruments of destroying political opponents.

We urge SARS to honor its end of the bargain in terms of the agreement it made with the Commander-In-Chief President Julius Malema so that the matter in question is swiftly concluded and laid to rest so that the President focuses fully on leading EFF to win national elections and provide proper leadership and sound governance for South Africa. No amount of harassment and demonization by SARS will stop the EFF or its President from demonstrating that EFF is the only alternative from the underwhelming, incompetent and corrupt ANC governance.

Finally we are excited to share that the President will be with us in Durban on the 27th April 2015 and deliver a keynote address at a shack-dwellers festival. This will be preceded by a Gala Dinner the night before where the business and professional communities of Durban and KZN will engage and socialize with the top leadership of EFF including the President. Specific details will follow in due course.

Issued by Cmsr. Vukani Ndlovu, Provincial Chairperson KZN Provincial Command Team, Economic Freedom Fighters


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