PAC LogoIn the early 1990s, we experience the unbanning of former liberation movement which includes the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC) and others. There were also release of many freedom fighters who had been incarcerated for various political activities. The PAC was very reluctant to enter into new controversial deal with the former oppressor and exploiter and this resulted in the PAC carrying on with the armed struggle, one of the famous programme is known as the “Year Of The Great Storm” which aimed at “enemies”.

The PAC decided to suspend its armed struggle official in the year 1993 and subsequently made a way to contest in the first popular elections which other members of the PAC did not advocate but rather believed that Azania (SA) will never be liberated by a ballot but by bullet or a barrel of a gun hence internal hindrances made some damages to our great movement

APLA (Azanian Peoples Liberations Army), PAC guerrilla wing experienced their combats being held after the pseudo-democratic order. This forces were jailed by the past racist and exploitive regime, the continuity of holding this people currently suggest that “1994” was the continuing of everything from Botha until Zuma.

We are growingly becoming impatient and will soon consider recalling our troops from the integrated SANDF in which our deployees are not treated fairly because of their political allegiance and ideological conviction. We have seized all requirements to release our freedom fighters unconditionally like those of uMkhonto and AZANLA. We are not as too sure why our soldiers are being held but we can make calculated and intelligent guess that there is an on-going move to completely assassinate the PAC and its history so the ANC will be the only political formation with historical credibility.

The PAC is having soldiers roaming in prisons and we are warning the government to stop misusing taxpayers money on unnecessary occasions like the PAC incident when freedom fighters are held because of their political opinion.

More than hundred APLA soldiers are incarcerated in jails while others have and still are ageing and kicking the bucket during their jail time. Why is it a difficult task to give Presidential Pardon to these “Prisoners of War”, how do we celebrate freedom without its true custodians here, doe it make sense?

It will be on the 23rd of May 2015 when the PAC will submit their memorandum to African Union (AU) during its summit here in occupied Azania (South Africa). We have embarked on all sorts of campaigns to raise awareness of such a paramount issue but we were failed deliberately.

We are hoping that a resort to African Union is the last one as the highest body of the continent and that our soldiers will be released unconditionally in good state though they are ageing everyday.

We are fully confident that AU Chair Robert Mugabe will attend to these issue if not so we will then adopt some evil mechanism available which will free this people. PAC is, for the first time going to seek help from other organisations, counties, countries, states and powerful people.

We are really growing impatient with delaying tactics we have been experiencing from the 90s until to date.

Izwe Lethu (Our Land)

Issued by Kenneth Mokgatlhe, PAC Spokesperson

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  1. Phew! Didnt know that the. PAC still exists!


  2. We are tired of a partisan SABC which reports at Luthuli House – PAC
    May 6, 2015 By polotikinewsin Uncategorized1 Comment
    This post was removed from my FB before I could lodge a reply. Please accept my reply and if possible forward it to PAC. Thank you in advance.
    Issued by Kenneth Mokgatlhe on behalf of PAC, Kenneth Mokgatlhe is PAC’s National Spokesperson.
    Hi Kenneth,
    Let’s change the normal and start at the end of your article and work upwards back to the first paragraph. The last two paragraphs mean one thing to me; you want the SABC to be the custodian to the people and grow while you also claim that “Africa is for Africans”. What/who constitutes an “African”? I presume that you are revering to “Black’s “only being African. News flash Kenneth, there are millions of people of colour that were born in SA that has the right to claim to be of African because of their contributions, and do you REALY believe that Africa can exist and compete in a First World Economy when she is governed by only Black Africans? To live in a dream world is very dangerous, because when you wake up REALITY will kick you in the face. You see, in real life, REALITY is the password to success and growth.
    To produce a strong economic platform, you MUST be in pace with the world economic trend, and to do that you must make use of qualified immigrants irrespective of their country of origin to fill an essential vacancy that must contribute to the economic growth of the country, if the vacancy cannot be filled by a local. But this must be done via an immigration screening programme where the requirement is tested against the qualifications of the applicant. You must not allow an uncontrolled influx of un-educated, un-screened illegal aliens, irrespective their origin, into the country- they are a drain on the economy.
    PLEASE name one (R) one country in Africa where corruption and de-generation is not flourishing. This brings me to the SABC; as you rightly state: the SABC is the mouthpiece of the ANC and only portray that which the ANC wants the nation to hear and see. I want to add to this crucial point the low curriculum of our educational system; In communism it is very important that the ruling party has total control over the media and education because these two entities are the bearers of knowledge and if you control them, you control the information that the people get. A very important communist rule is that it far more easy to control an un-educated population than an educated one; thus the garbage we are fed daily on the SABC and in school. Total control, bro, total control.
    Can you please explain the difference between non-racialism and multi-racialism? Non is a prefix meaning not, used to indicate the negative or opposite of a word. Multi is a prefix meaning many or much. Racialism means a division of groups in other words segregation. Will you explain to the masses what your version of non-racialism in the communist context means to them or may I do you that favour?
    Def of Communism: A classless social system with common ownership of the means of production for the benefit of the people. A system of society with vesting of property in the community, each member working for the common benefit according to his capacity and receiving according to his needs.
    This means that there will be only a singular (one) society where everybody, irrespective of race, creed or colour, will be classed the same; sharing a prescribed culture and value in a controlled society. We will no longer be a rainbow nation of eleven plus ethnic groups, each with their own culture and convictions, but one faceless society dumped into extreme poverty forever under communist control.
    The call made by politicians today is: “Remember Leaders come, Leaders go, but you’re PAC, my PAC remains, with a simple agenda of bettering the lives of our ordinary people and building a non racial, non sexist and prosperous SA”.
    The statement “a simple agenda of bettering the lives of our ordinary people and building a non racial, non sexist and properous SA” is exactly what communism encompass. The term “simple agenda” means just that. You as a peasant worker will be just that; a simple un-educated person being controlled by the ruling party to be at their beck and call. There will be very little advancement in the production platform for anybody outside the ruling party elite. The collective culture of a non racial, non sexist society identifies a singular society under communism. There will be no prosperity for the peasant worker group. Period. This will only be for the ruling party elite.
    The PAC is pleading for a classless society where, according to the definition of communism, the production for the economy belongs to the people, but THE PAC will not tell the people who will control the production mechanisms and what benefit the people will reap from this production platform. The ruling party/system will compensate the worker with what he/she needs, not what he/she is worth. This system creates a peasant-worker society where the peasant-worker is totally reliant on what the leadership decides the compensation to be. The worker will have no say in the day to day running of the government. Quality life as we know it will disappear completely and be replaced by an autocratic (despotic, tyrannical, repressive, oppressive, doctorial, domineering) rule.

    SA has some eleven plus Ethnic Groups: Which one of these groups will rule as the government? Which group will determine the culture and values? Which group will determine the wage policy? Which group will control the production mechanisms? Which group will determine which production mechanisms will be in use? Remember these mechanisms will determine the workforce; who will have employment and who will not. Will alliances between minority groups be formed to gain control over other groups? Which groups will be willing to forfeit their culture and values to work towards a common goal for the minimum wages? The questions go on and on.
    Are you prepared to forfeit your culture and convictions for a communist society? To become a poor non person in a classless society?
    It has been proven that in a communist society only the leadership and friends (nepotism) belong to the elite and they are the ones with exceedingly high income and riches. Only the ruling party will be prosperous.
    In a communist society there are no human rights, no labour unions and no justice system for the peasant-worker classless society. Make a study of countries currently under communism rule and study their human rights and society conditions, then decide which system you will support: Capitalist or Communism
    Then moving forward, you rant that the SABC and media does not ensure are fair election and in the SAME BREATH you bemoan the fact that they also silence and assassinate the communist PAC. The ANC is pushing SA into becoming a communist controlled country, why are you complaining? You must join the ANC and also become one of their puppets seeing that you share the same idiot stupid ignorant view. The only difference between you and the ANC is that you advocate communism openly and the ANC does it quietly in the background, not informing the nation; that is why you are relegated to a non-existent political party. Wake up bro, wake up. COMMUNISM IS DEAD BRO, DEAD. It is only in Africa where an ignorant illiterate moron will advocate a useless dead agenda to intelligent people.
    You insist that the SABC be cleared of all corrupt figures to which I agree and so should ALL the para-statals be cleared of nepotism. But then again you show your total ignorance in what you and the PAC advocate. You scream for communism but then state “The SABC should be running political education not only during elections; people do not have a clue of what is democracy? Government or radical transformation we hear every day.” Democracy is Capitalism (R) capitalism. Why do you want the people to be educated in democracy if you advocate communism? That is why the ANC/SABC (Luthuli House) is running programmes on radical transformation/dis-information on a daily basis. Doing what they do best: LYING TO THE PEOPLE.
    Then the rest of your pity full ranting. Remember that SA is corrupt. To share in the SABC media coverage you must buy airtime. And then you make a cardinal mistake; you play the race card: white versus black. Remember you advocate non-racialism. The views that the SABC share is not of the minority but of the majority; the majority voted ANC and a very small minority voted PAC. You will never ever see an un-biased media in SA. They are controlled by the ruling party. That is also the reason why the SABC will cover all functions, immaterial of its importance, of the ANC.
    How can the ruling party ever be objective and impartial? That is asking too much. People like to identify and that is why the event was yellowish ANC regalia. A word of intelligence: NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF A LARGE GROUP OF STUPID PEOPLE.



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