We are tired of a partisan SABC which reports at Luthuli House – PAC

PAC LogoSABC should be revolutionized.


The controversial Hlaudi Motsoeneng should compromise and surrender that position for the sake of the country’s growth. We are tired of a partisan SABC which reports at Luthuli House.

On the 24th April 2015, PAC marched across South Africa in a bid to releasing and freeing its APLA (Azanian Peoples Liberation Army) combatants who are still languishing in jails ere the pseudo-democratic political arrangements. We were told by our intelligence within the ANC that the SABC was mandated to abstain from covering our march in which more than 80 000 people took part.


PAC and other political formations in South African respectively experience coverage during their hardships when they are in loggerheads internally, this is a move to create a Two-Party states which will be the black and white liberals (DA and ANC).

The SABC have successfully been used to discredit other views of the society and only advocate those that are in line with a minority values.

We are appealing to the government to practice independent journalism that is characterised by lessen political and economic influence.


It was also laughable to watch the ANC marching to their fellow comrades in government during #SayNoToXenophobia Campaign, the SABC extensively covered ANC and their alliance while other political parties were doing massive campaigns and were not covered because of their political allegiance.


The ANC should restore a culture of objectivity and impartiality when they are in government including also in parliament and in local governance. We have been made to ignore dichotomy between government and party in government. This largely confuses people because you find a government event in the Union Building being yellowish of ANC regalia while other members of parties fear to attend.

The SABC should be running political education not only during elections, people do not have a clue of what is democracy? Government or radical transformation we hear everyday.

We are hopeful that our legal system is efficient that we will see Motsoeneng out of our SABC in favour of a competent and delivering individual not from the governing party.

SABC cannot be left deliberately to be another failed state apparatus like Eskom, SA Post Office and SA Airline. We are very grateful to all those who ensured the removal of Ellen Tshabalala who lied to the country about her ghost qualification. Perpetual resignation of board members of SABC is a signal that things are worsening in Auckland Park.

Hlaudi Motsoeneng have cost the SABC and disagree about existence of financial irregularities which we know are there but consistently argue that the SABC is significantly growing while we know that in the beginning of this year SABC employees were not remunerated due to financial conundrums faced by the corporation.

Let Motsoeneng resign, Luthuli House should also lessen interference in issues not relevant to them.

It is only the media which can ensure sustainability of electoral competition and deviate from monopolising our electoral competition. It is only the media again which can silence and assassinate Marxist-Leninist movement like PAC, we hope that we are not going to be vanished like AZAPO and being told we are irrelevant while our slogans are being used everyday.

It should be vividly evoked that it was Robert Sobukwe’s PAC which coined concept like non-racialism while others were advocating multi-racialism and later conform with ours because we have always been relevant.

Today we are talking of “Africa for Africans” which PAC took from Marcus Garvey and advocated it while others said SA belongs to everyone who lives in it which is not true and misleading in nature.

Let the SABC be the custodian of the people and be allowed to grow.


Issued by Kenneth Mokgatlhe on behalf of PAC, Kenneth Mokgatlhe is PAC’s National Spokesperson.

2 thoughts on “We are tired of a partisan SABC which reports at Luthuli House – PAC”

  1. Yho! If you are a national spokesperson of the PAC and you write so poorly, no wonder the PAC is almost but extinct!


    1. you have been programmed too by the same party in government. You have never loved PAC in your comfort zone, you know that we will take away your comfort, liberal


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