The EFF welcomes the decision by the Vatican to affirm the Palestinian people’s right to self determination by recognising their state as does the United Nations. The response by the apartheid occupiers, the state of Israel, that this recognition will not advance peace is unfounded, disingenuous and must be rejected with the disgust it deserves.

The only thing that makes peace impossible is the continued military and colonial occupation of Palestine by apartheid Israel. The only thing that makes peace impossible is the continued racism and fascism of Israel and its murderous policies in Gaza and the West Bank, including in the Golan Heights.

The Pope has not only affirmed the political right of the Palestinian people, he has also affirmed their humanity that is denied and violated each day by the brutal military occupation of Israel. The EFF further calls on the Israel government to end its occupation of Palestinian land, rivers, seas and air with immediate effect and recognise the right of all exiled Palestinians to return to their homes.

We further call on all christian denominations, all other religious groups, and the rest of the peoples of the world to participate in the international isolation of Israel until it ends its brutal occupation of Palestine. Palestinians have called on the world to isolate Israel through boycotts, divestments and suctions. The world must mount this campaign as it is the most peaceful way of forcing a government that knows no other language but that of violence to concede to the demand for the self-determination of Palestinians.


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  1. The parallel to this statement by the EFF is the recognition by South Africa of the Afrikaner Weerstandbeweeging (AWB) claim to Ventersdorp as Afrkanerstad for their own Governance!



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